Preschool Graduation Ideas

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Whether you have a high school graduate or a preschool graduate, I have some ideas pulled together for you to help make that occasion a special one!

end of preschool questionnaire free printable

Two of my sweet and very talented/brave friends decided to jointly run a preschool this year.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit to send Second 3 days a week for a couple hours to a friend’s home with all of his good friends.  I don’t know if they will do it again, but I was sure grateful they decided to take the plunge this year and give it a go- it was such a great experience for Second and he learned SO much.

Yesterday we had our graduation and all of the parents helped.  I put together a couple crafts for the kiddos to do that I am here to share with you today…

  1. Last day of Preschool (or in our case we called in Joy School…any other Joy School-ers out there?  You know who you are ;)) Questionnaire: end of preschool questionnaire with spot for handprint!

This is a great little project for the littles to fill out with their parents.  Let them write their name at the top and you can fill out the rest.

preschool questionnaire free printable

Then brush some (washable) paint onto their hands (we used this kind) and add their handprint!  The foam brushes work really well for this type of thing.

preschool questionnaire free printable

When they were complete we used my handy-dandy laminator (I told you I use it all the time!) so they can be a great keepsake for the families.

preschool graduation questionnaire

How precious is that?  When he grows up he wants to be a DAD?? It’s because he has such a stellar example to look up to 😉  It would also be fun to have them do this on the first AND last day of preschool to see how they grow & change.

2.  Edible Graduation Hats:

graduation hats dessert idea

We had the supplies all laid out and the parents helped the children assemble their own hats.  The intent was to have them as dessert after lunch, but you know, that didn’t quite pan out 😉

fun preschool graduation craft idea

There are lots of cute versions of these floating around pinterest.  To make our hats we used resees peanut butter cups for the base and Ghirardelli chocolate squares for the top.  I tried several different things and finally felt like the size ratio was right with these squares.  The bad news is I really kinda hated wasted this amazing chocolate on a bunch of 4 year olds!  Hah.

chocolate photo

For the tassel we used M&Ms and those pull & peel twizzlers:

twizzlers photo

I think these are fun and a great dessert idea for any graduation party (remember what I said about the gourmet chocolate? Yes.. the adults were big fans).  Or let the kids assemble them themselves for a great preschool or kinder graduation party craft idea.

preschool graduation questionnaire free printable

This cutie is off to TK in the fall!  And we are very excited for summer break!

If you are looking for ideas to keep your kids busy this summer be sure to check out our Summer Fun Kit!  And for the perfect end of year teacher gift check out this free printable.

If you are ready to print out your Preschool Questionnaire just pick the version you want and follow the button below:

preschool questionnaire free printable

And for all my Joy School-ers out there!!

joy school questionnaire free printable

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