Primary 2017 Door Signs

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free editable primary 2017 door signs

I got some door signs made today and ready to share with you.  I have to say though- you ladies really amaze me, I can’t believe some of you already have your bulletin boards done! I find it so stressful that primary switches classes at the new year, makes it hard to enjoy Christmas vacation! I kinda wish we switched in the fall with the new school year.  Ah well, I remind myself the children won’t care or really even notice if I dont have the bulletin board and the room perfectly ready on Jan 1.  If it takes me a few weeks THAT’S OK! (I’m convincing myself here, and anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed 😉 )

Anyhow, feel free to use or edit these door signs however you like.  I provided them in jpeg format so they will be easier for you to alter and add text (if you dont have a program you use on your computer you can try websites like canva or picmonkey where you can do it for free).  I even have a couple blank options for those of you who have combined classes or want to use these past this year.  Just download with the buttons below the images.  Then you can print them out on cardstock and I recommend you laminate them.  Our library has a laminator where you can do that at the church.  I personally just do it at home with my handy little laminator though since sundays are so crazy! And I probably wont have them done in time to get them laminated a week early.  It looks like the laminator I have is no longer available on amazon, but there is a similar one available here.

Then once you have them laminated you can punch holes and hang them from the door knobs with yarn, you can add magnets to the back and hang them on the door frame (if you have metal door frames in your building).  Or another neat idea I saw was if you have a lot of change and turnover in your ward just print out the door signs blank and add the names with dry erase marker so you can change all year long! If that’s the case you better hang those signs up high where little fingers wont smudge them off.

By the way I made these to coordinate with my binder covers, posters , sharing time assignment cards & newsletter

free editable primary 2017 door signs

free editable primary 2017 door signs

I hope this helps make your Christmas vacation a little less stressful! Merry Christmas 🙂


5 thoughts on “Primary 2017 Door Signs

  1. Hi Alia! We are using your cute designs for our bulletin boards this year! Thank you so much! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to take one of your empty CTR shields and at the top section writing “I will choose the right by….” in your cute upper case font on the door signs and then 3/4 of it would be empty for kids to fill in with their own answer. I want all the kids to fill one out and then we’ll put them up on the bulletin board. I’m envisioning 4 up on a page in the different colors that you used in all the other examples of the door signs. I would be happy to pay for the file! If you don’t have time I totally understand! Thank you again for sharing your cute designs!

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