Primary 2018 Binder Covers- I am a Child of God

I’ve started work on all things Primary 2018. First up: Binder covers. They are simple and focus on the message, I hope you like them! Next up: sharing time assignment cards (I have a special surprise for you this year, I think you are really going to love it!).

I am a child of god, primary 2018 binder covers free printable

I also have it available in a 8.5X11 and 11X14 size poster. I skipped adding class names to the binder covers because…

  1.  it takes forever
  2.  80% (I made that up) of primaries have custom split or combined classes anyway
  3.  It’s SO easy for you to do yourself! Just download the JPEG, open in any photo editing software (if you don’t have one use a free one like picmonkey) and add the text.
  4. I really should get my Christmas shopping done today- eek!

Free printable I am a child of God poster for primary 2018

Before you download these binder covers & posters, please make sure you are following me on at least one of these platforms (no, I’m not going to make it gimicky and make the download only available once you do it, I’m just gonna ask you to help a gal out, THANK YOU!): Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest

Sharing time assignment stickers, door signs and newsletter template now available for 2018.

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