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If you don’t already do a monthly newsletter, the new year is a great time to start! I updated our newsletter to reflect the theme: I am a child of God. It coordinates with my binder covers, posters, sharing time assignment cards and door signs.

Just download the JPEG and then you can add text in any photo editing program (like picmonkey, canva, photoshop, iphoto etc..)

We post our newsletter in our ward primary facebook group as well as hand it out on Sunday.

free primary 2018 newsletter template, I am a child of God. Download, add text & print!

I made two different versions depending on whether you split for junior and senior primary. By the way, we have a small primary but still split for junior and senior primary. We were a little worried about how to manage all the assignments without having every child have to do something every month when we realized we could do talks every other week and then it would be the same number talks as if we were still combined. I guess that is obvious but when that dawned on me it made it much easier to make the decision to split. I think it is so much easier to teach an effective sharing time when you aren’t trying to cater to 3 and 11 year olds at the same time- regardless of the size of your primary.

Happy new year friends! I hope you have found my resources useful as you prepare for another year in primary. Before you download this newsletter please make sure you are following me on at least one platform: Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook  Thank you much!

free primary 2018 newsletter template, I am a child of God. Download, add text & print!

free primary 2018 newsletter template, I am a child of God. Download, add text & print!

10 thoughts on “Primary 2018 Newsletter Free Template

  1. Thank you so much for your newsletter templates. As the primary secretary I used your 2017 one every month. I am thrilled for the new one!

  2. New secretary here! I absolutely LOVE this newsletter! It’s so fun! What font did you use for the headline? My OCD tendencies want them to match. 😛 Thank you so much for this resource!

    1. Hi Mary, trust me I understand your OCD tendencies :). I mainly used the fonts “mayonaise” and “teen light” for the newsletter, I think you can get them on hope that helps!

  3. I have LOVED using this template for 2018! Plans for a newsletter template for 2019? Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! Your designs are beautiful!

    1. Yes, I DO! I’m so glad to hear its worked well for you! I’ll post on Facebook when its ready 🙂 (did you see the binder covers and door signs that are up already?)

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