Primary 2019 Binder Covers

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Free printable Primary 2019 Come Follow Me and New Testament Binder Covers for your ward! Just download and print!

Well holy moley! Talk about confusing for all of us bloggers who try to create content for you primary workers! All the fun changes announced by President Nelson and Elder Cook during Conference have us all reeling! What’s the theme, what will we need for our new 1 hour primary time block, HOW WILL WE TEACH THESE PRECIOUS SOULS ALL THEY NEED TO LEARN IN ONLY ONE 20 MINUTE LESSON?! (Ok, maybe the last question is just me). I am sure it will all work out! But it’s just in my nature to stress about things.

In the mean time, Joan from Bitsy Creations and I have teamed up to create what we *think* you could probably find useful for your new year in Primary.  She did all the hard work and created the beautiful artwork for the year. Please remember that the things we create, we do and provide for free but they are only for use in your ward as intended. Do not use these creations, in whole or in part, for other projects and please protect the copyright of these sweet images that Joan spent so much time creating! Just ask if you have any questions.

primary 2019 come follow me free binder covers

You have two options two options to download these binder covers:

  1. I created a PDF bundle that includes all the presidency and class names
  2. OR a blank JPG that you can download and then use any photo editing software (like picmonkey) to add text into the boxes.

I know lots of primaries have combined classes so hopefully you can find the right solution for your ward with these options.

Make sure you are following Party Like a Cherry AND Bitsy Creations so you can keep tabs on when we release more primary goodness! And head over to Bitsy Creations now to see what more she has already available for this Primary 2019 bundle!

Door Signs now available here! And Assignment Cards/stickers available here

16 thoughts on “Primary 2019 Binder Covers

  1. Thank you! I love this and can’t wait to show my Primary President! I’m hoping you’ll create door signs w/ this too! Pretty Please!

  2. Thanks for the binder printables, I already have shared the link with our presidency. Were you able to get door signs created?

  3. These are so cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Are you planning to make a lesson schedule? I have one typed up but your design is just so much cuter!

  4. Thank you for this! I need to make some custom class names (like CTR 4A and CTR 4B for instance), and I’m wondering what the font you used is called?

  5. Could you make a Printable matching the other printables for a Primary Roll Binder? These are so cute!! Thanks so much!!

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