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Hello, Hello!  So it’s October.  And every time someone mentions something about the year “drawing to a close” or “Christmas is X number of days away” I feel my pulse quicken and I start to perspire.  (TMI??)  I’m trying my very best to enjoy this lovely time of year- I’m a native New Englander by-golly.  This is “our” time of year!  There is just so much to be done!

Among those things is our annual Primary Board In-Service.  *groan*  That’s right, “in-service” and “fun” really just don’t go together do they?  So we have come to call them “Ladies Night In” around here.  Ooooo- sign me up!!  I like to meet with the entire board near the end of the year to get all settled for the new year.  Our’s is going to be near the end of November this year so I got the invitations made today.  I thought I would share them in the event that you also have a similar type event on the horizon.  I know that not all primary boards are made up of strictly sisters (ours just happens to be, so the “Ladies Night In” title fits).  So I have several different versions you can download depending on how much you want to edit it yourself.

primary board meeting invitation template

Some of the things we will discuss/cover at our meeting include:

  • Training discussion/presentation where teachers can share successes & struggles they have had throughout the year.
  • Logistics discussion where we present the new theme for next year and give out class assignments & go over the new schedule.
  • Paperwork: we give them all new & updated documents including staff list, class lists, schedule, roster, birthday list, graduation & baptism list.
  • Small gift: Last year my counselor put together something similar to this kit kat bar idea where it included a voucher they could use for “one Sunday off” (but they had to give us a weeks notice…)
  • Dessert!! We try to make a nice dessert and let the ladies sit & mingle for as long as they like.

Last year was so successful!  We had all but 2 people there! I was blown away.  I am crossing my fingers for similar outcome this year.  I really have the best primary teachers in the world.  As a friend recently said- they are saints!

To edit this invitation I recommend doing it in something like picmonkey.  It is sized to 4X6 and meant to be printed as a photo.  I usually print mine at walmart for around 10 cents a piece.  Costco is higher quality BUT Walmart gives me free envelopes (if you ask nicely 😉 )

These were meant to coordinate with Courtney Aitkens binder covers.  Just pick the one you want to download and hit the button below it.  For other primary ideas check out my sharing time assignment cards & my primary newsletter template.

primary board meeting invite template generic

invitation template generic

I always put all my free printables & downloads up on pinterest so follow along to stay up to date.  What do you have planned for your primary for the new year??

Fonts I Used:

Jellyka Delicious Cake


Happy New One


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