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Every Sunday feels like I am putting on a massive event just getting through Primary… am I alone in that?  For me, keeping parents informed with a nice newsletter serves multiple purposes.  I feel like if you hand them this nice looking, well thought out newsletter each month not only are they informed, but they know you care, you work hard, and hopefully they will feel more inclined to be involved! Today I am sharing a primary newsletter template that you can adjust for your ward along with some pointers and tips I have learned along the way!  Hope it helps you in your calling 🙂

Here is an example of what our finished newsletter looks like:

primary newsletter example

I think some important elements to a newsletter are:

  1. The name of your ward
  2. The month the newsletter is for
  3. A list of upcoming events for both parents & teachers to mark on their calendars including
    1. upcoming ward events
    2. schedule changes (stake conference, general conference, 5th sunday, primary program etc)
    3. cub scouts & activity days
  4. The months theme, scripture & song
  5. Assignments for the month including opening prayer, scripture, talks & closing prayers
  6. Birthdays for that month
  7. Contact information of the primary presidency in case parents or teachers need to get ahold of you
  8. Article of Faith or spotlight or whatever other important things you want to include
  9. A nice seasonal image or picture (notice the apple for september=back to school).

Here is a template you can download, copy & paste into an editing program (like microsoft word).  It’s best if you eliminate the margins or set them on the “narrow” setting to make the newsletter fit correctly on the page.  primary newsletter template

download here button

I like to email out the newsletter to all the parents along with handing out a hard copy at church.  I add color elements to make it look nice/fun in the email but please keep in mind that church copy machines are black & white and those elements will not show up in color.

UPDATE: I heard back from some of you that this template didn’t work for your primary because you don’t have a junior/senior or other reasons.  Here is another option- hope you find something that works!!

primary newsletter template

download here button

The fonts I used in this newsletter include:

KG A Little Swag



Check out my tips & script for the Primary Sacrament meeting and my baptism preview handouts.  And follow my primary board so you don’t miss a beat.  🙂

How do you survive Primary each week??

UPDATE: 2017 newsletter template available here





13 thoughts on “Primary Newsletter Template

  1. I generally consider myself fairly computer literate, but I don’t know how to make this work in Microsoft Word. It downloads as a .jpg file, so I can only think to insert it as a picture, but then I can’t add any text into it. Can you help me, please?

    1. Hi Katrina! If you are using it in word then yes copy and paste it in as a picture. make sure you eliminate the margins (or at least have them on the narrow setting) and then insert text boxes layered on top of the photo where you want to add text. If you are familiar with picmonkey that is another program that you could use to add text to the newsletter and I think its a little easier to manipulate in that program. 🙂 Let me know if that helps!

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