Primary Presidency Planner 2016 GIVEAWAY!

Welcome my friends!  I have only been blogging since August and there have been a few bloggers that have really mentored me & guided me along this journey.  Let me tell you what- I had no idea how much work I was getting myself into when I started!  Sheena over at Little LDS Ideas has been so gracious & patient to answer all my stupid questions & reassure me that if I keep at it things will start to come together.

And so… without further adieu… she has been kind enough to sponsor my FIRST GIVEAWAY!  I am so excited because in order to do the giveaway I got to review the product!!  Which means now I have this amazingly awesome primary presidency planner to put to use in my primary. 🙂primary presidency planner giveaway

AND she has been generous enough to offer not one, but THREE winners!!  I have to tell you, when she first emailed the presidency planner to me I was BLOWN AWAY by how comprehensive it is.  Some of my favorite features include:

  • both color and black & white options: I have a really (really) small primary budget and usually have to print everything from my home computer myself or at the church copy machines, so I love me some black & white (although her color scheme is adorable!)
  • budget tracker sheets: do you end up in August with $10 left in your budget and you are like “where the heck did it all go??” oh… just me?! Crap, I need to get more organized.  I am so excited to implement this budget system in 2016 for our primary.
  • teacher interview sheets: we try to meet with the teachers at least once one-on-one each year.  But our visits or calls are not very well structured, and lets face it, lots of times they don’t happen at all!  I love these sheets!  I plan to print one out for each teacher, put their name at the top, and then divide them up amongst my presidency and ask them to return the sheet to me when the visit is completed.  I think this would give us a higher success rate at completing our teacher interviews.

And then of course she has all the great stuff like conducting sheets, look ahead calendars, goal trackers & more!2016-Budget,-Visit,-Opening

Are you committed to being more organized in 2016? Sheena’s got you covered ;). You can read her full post about her planners here. And she is ALSO offering a $1.50 discount exclusive for my readers on her presidency planners using the code PARTAYTIME.   You can purchase her planner & use this discount code in her Etsy shop.  The coupon code will be active through Saturday December 19th.


The giveaway will run all week through Sunday night (December 13th).  There are multiple ways to enter below.  Winners will be notified and emailed the electronic files where you can plan to your hearts content!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again Sheena for sponsoring this giveaway!

If you are looking for more ideas to get ready for 2016 in Primary check out my binder covers & sharing time assignment cards.


24 thoughts on “Primary Presidency Planner 2016 GIVEAWAY!

  1. I am the secretary in my ward. This would be an easy, fun, and cute way to get myself and my presidency organized.

  2. I an a brand new Primary President. I’ve served in primary a total of 2 years in my 40 years alive and it was not in a presidency. So needless to say I’m lost, and have NO idea what I’m doing. I could use me some organization in a rather unorganized primary.

  3. This is an incredible giveaway! I would love to win this for my primary planning for the new year! I have just passed the two year mark as primary president & still need some organization help! 🙂

  4. Love the colors, the ideas, the EVERYTHING about this planner! ? Our Presidency could use some organizational help…

  5. Thank you for sharing your talent. I would love to have your planner, it will help our primary to be well organized for 2016. 🙂

  6. This is so cute. My presidency would be so much more organised with this bundle. It’s always fun to have everything so cute, makes life more enjoyable.

  7. I was called to be Primary Secretary last month and I am feeling very overwhelmed! I could use all the help I an get. To win this, would be absolutely wonderful!!!

  8. Oh I would love to win these! We’re a brand new presidency, only been in a week, and would love to start the new year off in a very organized, plus very cute, way.

  9. This would be a lifesaver for me as the Primary Secretary! This is amazing and I can’t believe all the work that went into creating this!

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