Primary Program Invitation 2019

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My girl Joan from Bitsy Creations and I teamed up again to bring you some help for the Primary Program! I’ve got invitations and Save the Dates and she’ll be bringing you program covers- Woo woo!

With all the changes in primary this year I was very surprised the handbook called for there to continue to be a “Primary Presentation.” With the shortened sacrament meeting, no sharing time manual or lessons, and less time for talks each week in Primary, we are simplifying our program big time for our ward! We’re still in the planning phases but it will probably look something like: scripture, song, talk, scripture, song, talk (etc repeated about 8-10 times). So in the end only about 16-20 children will have speaking parts (10 scriptures and 10 short “talks”).

I think this will work well for our Primary and it eliminates the need for a big to-do about writing and rehearsing a script. We might add an intro and conclusion and tell the Bishopric to be prepared with some words in case there is extra time! (or heaven-forbid: dismiss early and actually have time for a full sunday school lesson!). But of course each Primary has to find their new “normal” and what works best for their circumstances!

Last year I got some requests for “save the date” cards so I added that to the downloads this year. The invitations are sized at 4X6 and the save the dates are 8 to a page.

Instructions to Edit the Invitations & Save the Date Cards

  • If you prefer you can watch my video tutorial which is saved to my Instagram Highlights under “canva tutorial”.
  • Download the JPG files with the Google Drive link at the end of this post. Save them to a spot on your computer you can locate (check your downloads folder if you can’t find it!)
  • Open the file in any photo editing software- I recommend PicMonkey if you want more control or Canva is a nice free option. (I also have a PicMonkey tutorial on my Instagram Highlights).
  • Then just add the text by creating a text box and picking your font, color etc.
  • Save as a new file and upload that to wherever you print your photos- I recommend Costco or Walmart.
  • Order as many 4×6 prints as you would like and ta-da! (for the save the date cards you can just add the text and print those from a regular printer).
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I am sorry I do not offer my services to personalize this particular item because I like to keep my church-related items free and I cannot make changes for each individual ward, I’m sure you understand! BUT if you do want more primary program help make sure you head over to Bitsy Creations for a matching program cover and you can check out some of my popular Primary Program tips posts linked below:

Free Primary Program Downloads

I hope I succeeded in making your life a bit easier for the Primary Program. Good luck out there warriors! And stay tuned on Instagram for all kinds of fun things this fall!

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m a new Primary president faced with taking over a program. I really wanted to do invitations and having this cute download made it possible. Thanks a million!

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