Primary Theme “Choose the Right” Binder Covers

Hello friends!  We are in the midst of preparing for our primary program (see tips and script here), but the 2017 primary theme was recently announced.  And then I came across a color scheme I fell in love with.  And… long story short… instead of mopping my floor I made our binder covers for next year!

primary choose the right 2017 free printable binder covers


What say you my friends?  I have all the presidency along with classes for you to download for free 🙂 I am also going to be running a fun primary-related giveaway on Facebook very soon so make sure you are following along!

And keep an eye out because I see lots more free coordinating printables down the road… I have the assignment cards already made and they will be up soon.  And I have some bulletin board ideas mulling around in my brain…

What fun things are you going to do in your primary next year??

You can download them all together here:

download here button

Or each one separately here:

[ddownload id=”1002″ text=”Blank Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”984″ text=”President Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”985″ text=”1st Counselor Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”986″ text=”2nd Counselor Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”987″ text=”Secretary Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”988″ text=”Chorister Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”989″ text=”Pianist Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”990″ text=”Nursery Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”991″ text=”Sunbeams Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”992″ text=”CTR 4 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”993″ text=”CTR 5 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”995″ text=”CTR 6 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”996″ text=”CTR 7 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”997″ text=”Valiant 8 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”998″ text=”Valiant 9 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”999″ text=”Valiant 10 Binder Cover”] [ddownload id=”1000″ text=”Valiant 11 Binder Cover”]

And be sure to check out the great primary 2017 theme options over at Little LDS Ideas and Teepee Girl, I LOVE the stuff they create!

2017 Choose the Right Posters now available here.

Here’s to another year!



12 thoughts on “Primary Theme “Choose the Right” Binder Covers

  1. They look great…thx for sharing! Do you ever give the original files away so we can add our ward name etc…and slightly modify your covers? What program did you create them with?

    1. Hi Karina, people are always welcome to edit and change my docs. The original is a .psd and I am happy to email it to you if you would like. Send me a request via email if you want it. Thanks!

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