Primary Theme “Choose the Right” Posters

Back with the second installment of my primary 2017 “Choose the Right” theme free printables!  Today I have some posters in various sizes that will be perfect for your bulletin boards.  My initial thought for our bulletin board is to take pictures of each of the kids and have a word bubble coming out of their mouths with the sentence “I can choose the right by…” and spend one of the first sharing times in 2017 having them finish the sentence (after introducing the theme).  I’m not sure though… what are you thinking???

choose the right primary theme bulletin board poster free printableThis poster can be downloaded as an 18X24 engineering print (only about $3 at staples!), 11X14 or 8X10.

An 8X10 JPEG is available here.

And this one I made only in an 18X24.  I think I will put this at the center of our bulletin board with all the pictures of our children and their statements around it.  We like to do a bulletin board that stays up the whole year- simplicity baby! What do you do in your primary? More power to you if you switch it up each month!

choose the right primary theme bulletin board poster free printable

Make sure you stay tuned on facebook because I have coordinating sharing time assingment cards coming out soon as well…

Other 2017 matching printables:


13 thoughts on “Primary Theme “Choose the Right” Posters

  1. Would it be possible to email me a copy of the first CTR Poster as something other then PDF so I can save it as a JPG ? Or do you have other suggestions how to convert it without cost. I’m grateful for talented people like you!

    1. Hi Paige! Which poster did you want as a JPEG? and in which size? I used to always use JPEGs but then my download plugin started compressing the files for some reason which I couldn’t figure out so I switched to PDFs. You’ve reminded me I need to figure that out 😉

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I love it your CTR Shield poster with the thought bubbles and was hoping to use it for our bulletin board. Like another follower, I am having a difficult time with the large 18×24 engineering pdf file, is there any way it can be made into a jpeg? Thank you so much for your assistance!

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