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I’m so excited to share with you all about our third trip to Quarry Park. This was the first time we’ve gone as a whole family with a wide span of ages, so I learned some more things and I’m here to share it all with you! Quarry Park is Northern California’s favorite outdoor adventure park built within and atop a former rock quarry. It’s a truly unique and unforgettable outdoor adventure destination. Located in Rocklin, California, the adventure park offers a variety of different adventure activities including rock climbing, zip lining, free-fall jumps, an incredible kids play area and much more. Stay tuned as I break it all down for you by age! And if you want to check out a little video of our day at Quarry Park you can see that here.

Quarry Park Adventure insider tips by age
If you’re headed to Quarry Park with a range of ages, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered on how everyone can have an absolute blast!

What Can Tweens & Teens Do at Quarry Park Adventures?

If they are over 70 lbs and in Middle or High School I recommend the Gold Adventure Ticket. Use code ALIA15 for a discount when booking. My oldest two boys are 13 and 11 and have both been to Quarry Park before. They were eager to head off on their own as soon as we got there. And the awesome thing is if they are over 70 lbs they can do everything in the park! You do need to be 12 years old to go off on your own. Under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult or have a companion with that that is at least 14 years old. So we are almost there with my big boys!

Things tweens and teens can do at Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin California
If they’re 70 lbs. and 12 years old they can go off exploring on their own!

After ziplining across the park (that’s the best way to get to the start of the aerial obstacles) and quickly conquering one of the obstacle courses, they decided to conquer the Via Ferrata! They had done portions of it before, but had never completed the whole thing. From heights up to 40-feet above the quarry floor, you scale the perimeter rock walls on a series of challenge elements, swinging bridges, and more. It goes along the entire perimeter of the quarry. It took the boys over an hour to complete, but they did it! There are places to get on and off if you get tired along the way. It’s pretty exhausting! I’ve done a portion of it before and my arms got very tired. I couldn’t believe they made it all the way around!

Via Ferrata at Quarry Park Adventures Rocklin CA
Make your way around the whole quarry on the Via Ferrata!

After that they were ready for a break (they have coolers full of free water bottles located throughout the park), but that did not last very long until they were eager to conquer the next thing. It was on to rappelling down a 60 foot granite wall and then the freefall where you step off of a platform 40 feet in the air. I will tell you, it’s hard to take that step off of the platform, even though you know you are harnessed in!

Freefall at quarry park adventures
Freefall 40 feet at Quarry Park, as long as you are 45 lbs you can participate!

What Can Elementary-Aged Kids Do at Quarry Park?

If they are over 45 lbs and in Elementary School I recommend the Kidz Big Adventure ticket. For my 9 and 6 year old, this was their first time to the park. I honestly wasn’t totally sure what they were going to be allowed to do, and what they were going to be brave enough to do. I was totally SHOCKED at how brave they both were.

As long as they are 45 lbs, elementary aged kids can participate in most of what Quarry Park has to offer!
As long as they are 45 lbs, elementary aged kids can participate in most of what Quarry Park has to offer!

My 6 year old just barely cleared the weight requirement of 45 lbs that allowed him to do most of the events in the park. The bigger obstacle was that he really wasn’t tall enough to maneuver some of them. You have to be 70 lbs. for the zipline so both my 9 and 6 year old were not able to do that. That limits them from doing the easiest aerial obstacle course because it ends in a zip line (I believe they are working on changing that the guides explained to me). I tried the medium course with my 6 year old but he just wasn’t tall enough to reach some of the ropes and things so we turned around. My 9 year old was able to complete it with the help of Dad and said it was “awesome”. I was very impressed because I’ve done that course before and it ain’t no piece of cake ;).

As long as you are 45 lbs you can rappel off their 60 foot granite wall!

My 6 year old could and did do (and loved): climbing the rock wall, rappelling, freefall, and the Kids Kove. This was my first time to the Kids Kove since in the past I have taken older groups of kids. It is such a fun area for littles and even middle aged kids! My 11 year old was even a little sad we were out of time and he didn’t get to hang out there longer. And my 6 year old was in heaven. Especially because we had just come from the Aerial obstacle courses that were very challenging. He loved that he could conquer all of these all on his own. And there is no helmet or harness required in this area, which can be good for littles who start to feel like the equipment is just too heavy or hot.

rappel at quarry park adventures near sacramento!
Here you can see me and my 9 year old rappelling the 60 foot granite wall

What Can Toddlers Do at Quarry Park?

If you’re under 45 lbs you still have access to the awesome Kids Kove area. It is so fun and I am hoping to be able to celebrate my youngest’s birthday there next year when he turns 7. They have some great party packages and it’s a great area for big groups and parties. They also offer punch cards for multiple visits. There’s lots of netting full of all kinds of mini little obstacles and tunnels. No helmet or harness equipment is necessary in this part of the park, so its perfect for littles!

If you’re under 45 lbs then you get to hang out in the Kids Kove!

Things to Remember When Booking:

  • The first 20-30 minutes of your session is a safety orientation where they go over the rules and teach you the clip-in/clip-out system that you use throughout the park. So if you book a 2 hour session you will have about 90 minutes to explore after the safety orientation. (I recommend going for the 4 hour session in most cases).
  • There are coolers full of free water bottles throughout the park so no need to bring your own. It will be too hard to carry them around anyway.
  • You can bring gloves if you want (especially if you plan to do the Via Ferrata) but they have some there you can use for rappelling. Other than that just bring yourselves, and some cool fitted clothing (you don’t want baggy clothes that will get caught on things). If you have extra items you’ll need to store them in a locker or in your car.
  • There are guides all over there park to help you if you get stuck or need assistance with your gear.
  • Most importantly: Head to their site to book tickets and use code ALIA15 for a discount at checkout!
aerial obstacle courses at quarry park adventures in rocklin california
Aerial Obstacle courses at quarry park are an awesome challenge for 45 lbs and up (some height is required as well)

If you want to learn more about Quarry Park you can check out my other blog posts about it here and here.

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