Rescue Bots Cupcake Toppers

rescue bots cupcake toppers

Are your kids as obsessed with Rescue Bots as mine are?  Boy howdy I think I was actually more excited than they were when the third season was put on Netflix- finally something new to hear in the background!!  Second is turning 4 this week and I kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday, and every time I got the same response: cupcakes.  Well, that sounded just perfect to me.  The key to success is low expectations, right??  Since his request was so simple I decided we should jazz up the cupcakes a bit.  And since cake decorating isn’t my thing, I opted for these rescue bots cupcake toppers.  We have Heat Wave, Chase, Boulder & Blades along with “roll to the rescue” and “power up & energize”.  
rescue bot cupcake toppersrescue bots cupcake toppers

I printed them on cardstock, cut them out, and glued them double sided with elmers glue onto toothpicks.  I liked to pair the “power up & energize” with the chase & heatwaves and the “roll to the rescue” with blades & boulder for color coordinating.  These could work for party favor tags or name tags at any transformers party.  And one reader had a great idea to use them to make your own matching game! In case you are wanting to make more matching printables for your party, I used the transformers font for the text on these toppers.

rescue bots cupcake toppers

My Amazing Mother-in-Law frosted these for me (remember how I said I’m inept in the cake department??) is your mouth watering??

rescue bots cupcake toppers

Some phases that my kids go through are super annoying, but I have to say i’m on board with the Rescue Bot obsession.  The toys are durable, affordable, and they play with them more than any other toys we own.  In fact, we left Heat Wave at the dentist when Oldest had his tooth pulled and it was quite the loss around here.  Good thing Second is getting a Heat Wave Fire Boat for his birthday ;).  Seriously, if you have a boy I would highly recommend these toys.

So if you’re ready to download your free rescue bots cupcake toppers just follow the button below!

rescue bots cupcake toppers

If you are in party planning mode check out my best party tips post here.   And if you follow me on pinterest you’ll stay up to date on all my free party printables.

UPDATE:  I now have Transformer party favors!! Check ’em out.


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14 thoughts on “Rescue Bots Cupcake Toppers

  1. Keith is having family over tonight and decided he wanted Rescue Bot cupcakes for his birthday. I showed him different options online and he loved only yours!!!!! You are amazing Alia! Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into creating beautiful things and allowing us to use them!

    1. Hah that is awesome Jennie! You are super mom, I don’t know how you still manage to do everything you do with the baby. I’m planning on quitting life for a bit 😉 And glad to see a familiar “face” stop by the blog 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi, my son is very into Transformers right now and loves these! When I clicked on the cupcake toppers they both linked to the printing page for the second set of toppers. Would you be able to give me the link to the first group of toppers as well?

  3. These are perfect! My son is turning 4 in June and it’s been hard to be away from friends and family because of covid-19. This will make his celebration so special!

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