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Calling all super moms out there—this one’s for you! 🧡✨ I understand that the hours after school can often feel like a whirlwind of activities, tasks, and responsibilities. That’s why I’m excited to share these After-School Routine Printable cards, designed to be your trusty companions in navigating the post-school hustle with ease and grace.

after school routine cards

morning school routine cards

We thrive on structure around here.  With three little munchkins running around and a bunch of different schedules to keep, structure is what I CLING to for survival.  I hope there are some others out there like me?? Or am I the lone OCD Mom? When Oldest started TK last year (transitional kindergarten…its a California thing) it was QUITE the “transition” (pun-intended) for our little family.  Because I send him to a school out of our district, he can’t take the bus.  Which can make for some complicated maneuvering of nap times for Youngest!  And I still remember the first day he was gone at school, my second oldest was wandering around the house looking for him (under beds, in closets, in the garage) ALL day.

Anyway, I think we lasted a week before I realized we needed some very concrete and visual routine, both in the mornings and after school, to help my oldest structure his time and accomplish his tasks.  This year, now that he is in full day Kinder, we polished up the cards and changed them a bit (homework now!! bleh!).  I’m here to share them with you today:
Eat BreakfastEat Breakfast
Eat BreakfastEat BreakfastEat Breakfast

Print cards on cardstock and laminate for best results.  I got this scotch laminator on amazon several years ago and LOVE IT.  I seriously use it all the time.  Parties, preschool, church, toy labels, kitchen labels on and on and on.  Then I use sticky tac (which I buy in bulk from Amazon because I use IT all the time as well… have you ever tried using it on the back of picture frames so they dong wiggle and get crooked on the wall??  Works like a charm) to hang them on the wall.

We hang his morning routine over his bed in his bedroom.  It has helped our mornings run so much smoother!  These along with our Ok to Wake alarm clock (I set it to turn green at 7am so they know they are allowed out of bed) and playing classical music while we get ready in the morning has really transformed that hour from pure chaos to a day at the spa!  Ok… maybe i’m exaggerating a tad??  But really, its been great.  morning routine over bed

And the “after school routine” we hang over the hooks in the hallway where the backpacks go.  TV incentives are golden around here, so no TV until the routine is done.  Otherwise I’ve lost all my leverage!  Plus, I’ve noticed if we try to read or do homework after TV his brain is totally mush.  It takes at least twice as long as doing it BEFORE TV.  Tells ya how good that stuff is for our brain huh?hallway backpack hooks
hallway backpack hooks

Now when he comes running in the door asking “can I watch Rescue Bots” I just point to the wall.  And really he rarely does that because he knows… I’ll just point to the wall 😉  Use the links below to download these free printable school routine cards!

So tell me- how do you get homework done in your house??

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    1. They really do work great for my Oldest, his kinder teacher was teasing me because one day she forgot to write the schedule for the day on the board and I guess he asked her to please write it up there! Hah!

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