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Looking to add a spark of excitement to your child’s birthday celebration? I’m here to share the activities I prepared and did for my son’s science themed brithday party. From explosive experiments to mind-bending demonstrations, we’ve curated a list of hands-on activities that will delight and engage young scientists of all ages. so let’s dive into the fascinating world of science with these fun and educational science party activities! Get ready to ignite curiosity and create unforgettable memories with these engaging science-themed party ideas! If you want to see the full party post with everything from invitations to favors head over here. For just the decorations you can check that out here.

Fun science party activities and experiment ideas
Fun science party activities and experiment ideas

DIY Fluffy Slime

I asked a local science teacher what a fun thing to do with the kids would be and she suggested they make their own fluffy slime. She said it is always hand down all her students favorite thing to do. That was good enough for me! To make this slime you will need the following for each child:

  • 2/3 cup white glue (I just had each kid dump a whole bottle in)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2-3 cups shaving cream (just the cheap stuff)
  • Food coloring
  • contact solution

Mix these ingredients together in a bowl. Add 1-2 tablespoons of contact solution and mix with a spoon vigorously until thickens. Once it gets really thick and you can pick it up, work it with your hands for another 5-10 minutes. Store in a Ziploc bag. And prepare yourself for lots of stirring, it takes awhile!

make your own fluffy slime for a fun hand on science party activity
Make your own fluffy slime for a fun hand on science party activity

Tie Dye Milk Experiment

For this one we started by having a little lesson about matter. I found (after a lot of searching) a pretty good, not super boring, video explaining atoms and molecules. I showed it to the kids before moving into this experiment. You can find it here. We then went on to do the experiment to demonstrate how different molecules can react to each other. This one we did in my kitchen. It’s a pretty simple one (and has a big wow factor which is always great). and all you need is milk, food coloring, q tips, soap, and again I used the aluminum trays for each kid. You can see how it’s done here.

Tie Dye Milk Experiment science party activity

We ended by watching Flubber, of course! We were going to investigate things under a microscope and create molecules out of grapes and toothpicks but we ran out of time! But those would be fun activities to do as well.

And for over 50 PAGES of printables to help you with your science party be sure to check out my Digital Science Party Pack- (the image says 20 pages but I’ve added a lot since then!) You can see more of what’s included in it over in the main party post.

Science Party Digital Party Pack
Science Party Bundle
This science party printable bundle will help you bring your party to life! Includes periodic table happy birthday banner, cupcake toppers, blank invitation (you can add text in canva), and generic lab coat badges. H2O water bottle labels, and 36 element printables to make a wall sized periodic table. 56 pages total

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