Scripture Hero Clue Cards-Abinadi

The kids loved having Nephi come visit in January (I think… my kids were talking about it all day!) For Nephi’s visit he came with a big sac full of all kinds of fun items.  He called on a child and they could come pick something from his sack and he would ask them what they knew about the item and then fill in any missing information and details.  We had things like: the liahona, the brass plates, labans sword, a hammer (for building the boat), a picture of the tree of life, and a bow & arrow.  Next week we have Enos coming to visit (anyone have any good ideas about what to do with Enos? I am still brainstorming that!).

The scripture hero for March is Abinadi!  That one will be so fun to do!  I am excited.  Below you can download the scripture hero clue cards for Abinadi.  We put a clue in our primary mailbox each week and then on the last week of the month we let them guess who it is and…we have a special visitor!  I think…and hope.. it is bringing the scriptures to life for our kiddos!

primary scripture hero clue cards for abinadiHow are you using these clue cards in your primary?? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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