Scripture Hero Clue Cards- Jesus

As part of the theme “I know the scripture are true” the Friend magazine is highlighting a scripture hero each month.  We put a clue in our primary mailbox each week and on the last week of the month that hero comes to visit us in our time machine.

For September the scripture hero is Jesus!  This is going to be a tough-ie.  First of all because we are starting to have rehearsals etc for our primary program so our schedule is limited (script & tips here) and second because the church handbook is very clear that we should not impersonate Jesus.   If we have time to have a visitor I am thinking of having an “eye witness” Nephite come and tell us all about Christ’s visit to the Americas and what it was like to be there.

Jesus scripture hero clue cards great for primary or FHE

These  were made for primary in mind, but they would also make a great Family Home Evening lesson on Christ’s visit to the Americas.  Hide the clues around the house and as they find each clue they can get closer to guessing who it is!

Other clue cards available:

You can download the clue cards with the button below:


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