Scripture Hero Clue Cards- Mormon

I apologize for not getting clue cards out last month.  We were pretty preoccupied with General Conference, Stake Conference, and of course- our primary program! Plus the friend had like 4 scripture hero’s that month? Which kinda confused me as I didn’t know which one wards would be doing. We ended up showing the Brother of Jared movie as a reward after our primary program as our “scripture hero highlight” of the month.

We’re back to ONE scripture hero this month- phew!  Mormon! Crazy to think the year is almost over.  Just two more heroes.

scripture hero clue cards- mormonYou can download these clue card with the button below.  These are not only great for primary, but make a great FHE lesson to help your kids get to know different people from the scriptures.

Other clue cards available:


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