Scripture Hero Clue Cards- Enos

We haven’t had our big reveal of Nephi yet (we will be doing that next sunday), but I had a chance today to make the scripture hero clues for February.  I also had some requests for a blank version so you can make up your own clues.  February is Enos so I think the clues will be a bit tougher for the children to guess.Enos scripture hero clue cards for primary

We are putting our scripture hero clues in our primary mailbox each week.  For more details on how we are doing it check out this post.   And then we put them up on the bulletin board (more details here).

blank scripture hero clue cards, free primary printables

I’d love to hear the creative ways you guys are using these clue cards! They would make a great sharing time or FHE.  And if you go to the index page you can browse all my Primary ideas & printables.

Be sure to follow along on my facebook page if you would like to know when the next set of scripture hero clues is ready 🙂


3 thoughts on “Scripture Hero Clue Cards- Enos

  1. Thank you for providing the blank clue cards! They are so cute and creative. You are wonderful and thanks for sharing your talent and helping others look good!

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