Second Turns 4!

One of our “must-do” events to celebrate every birthday in our family is a photoshoot!  I’m kinda a wanna-be photographer (I go by the rule of the 100s….for every 100 photos I take there is one good one) and I love capturing exactly the way they look at each age.  Let’s be real, it never happens ON their birthday.  But I try really hard to make sure it happens sometime during their birthday month.

We were finally able to do Second’s photoshoot last weekend.  Handsome Hubby gave me a “oh boy whachu got going on in that brain of yours” look when I asked him if he would go make a mud pit for me.  But he did it nonetheless!  Great guy.  And I think they turned out pretty cute… wish we could have found a big toad, but a small frog had to do.

little boy picture ideas

So if you have a little boy in your life you need to photograph, try a mud pit!  Loads of fun.  And it might be a fun tradition for you to start, if you don’t already take photos of your kiddos each year.  Happy photographing!

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6 thoughts on “Second Turns 4!

  1. You really DID make a mud pit! I love the idea. These photos turned out super cute. I’ve discovered, however, when my boys see a mud pit, they think bath time. Oh the conversations that have followed.

    1. Yes! Right after conference 😉 I was planning on it before that talk, so it was so funny when he told that story about the mud pit. Oldest said, “if I get muddy will I be allowed in the house?”

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