Sharing Time Assignment Cards 2017

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free printable primary sharing time assignment cards choose the right 2017

Well, I’ve had these made for about 2 months now and am finally getting them posted.  Such is my life of late. These sharing time assignment cards were made to coordinate with my 2017 binder covers which you can download here.

In our primary we use a mailbox to deliver our assignment cards and other “mail” each week.  I punch two holes to the top of the cards and run yarn through them so the kids can wear their assignment cards home around their necks.  We also put the assignments in our monthly newsletter (template available here) so families are notified in two ways.

If you are looking to start the mailbox system in your primary, amazon has a cute one here


I made two versions this year, one with an option for article of faith, and one with an option for “other”.  You can download them for free below!  Thanks for stopping by :).


There were some requests for a black and white version so here you are!

2017 sharing time assignment cards black and white


20 thoughts on “Sharing Time Assignment Cards 2017

  1. Hi Danielle!! I was thinking about printing these on full sheet labels and cutting them to stick on our junior primary kids. Any chance you could put these 8 per page? pretty please with a cherry on top 😉
    Thanks Valentine <3

    1. Alia,
      I love all that you do. Beautiful, fun work.
      We assign 6 things each Sunday, and I wondered if you could do a pdf with 6 assignment cards on a page. I attach a treat to the back of ours and have the kids give the cards to their moms and then they can have the treat for themselves. We are hoping this entices the kids to get the card to their moms so they know the assignments.
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Debi, There are 4 to a page now I think? Maybe you can just print out more than one page? I think 6 to a page would make them pretty small. I will try to keep that in mind for next year’s design though! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie, I need a little more information to determine where the problem lies. If you click the download button it should automatically download to your computer. It’s possible that security or firewall settings on your computer would prevent that. Its also possible that it downloaded and went to your download folder and you didnt’ realize it, so locate your download folder and look for it there. Hope that helps!

  2. Oh I LOOOOVE you! As Primary Secretary this time of year is crazy! I have spent time and MONEY at etsy on stuff, but you really have the easiest, greatest things! Bless you a thousand time for these assignment cards! They’re the best and i used yours last year as well! Please don’t ever stop! Should have come here first for the blasted door signs!Ugh!
    Thank you wonderful lady for sharing your gift!!!!!

    1. I cant tell you how your comment brightened my day Lisa! Usually comments are “This isnt working” or “can you do this”. It is so nice to get one just saying thank you!!!

  3. As a brand new secretary and new to primary callings, your website is a life saver! Your designs are so clean and fresh! Thank you a million times thank you!

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