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Last year at the conclusion of Oldest’s second soccer season I asked him if he wanted to play again next year.  There was silence in the van on the drive home from his last game.  Finally he said “will I get a trophy?”  “Well, yes, you get a trophy for every season of soccer you play”  More silence.  “Will there be snacks?”  “Um…yes…”.  “Ok then, I guess so.”

So there you have it folks!  My extremely aggressive & competitive child rearing to go on his next athletic endeavor.  Really as long as they are having fun and getting exercise i’m a happy camper.  Well a year has come & gone and it’s soccer season again.  For the first time we have TWO kids enrolled, which means two practices, two games and TWO SNACKS!  It was our turn for snack this past weekend, and knowing it was the prime reason Oldest had agreed to play soccer, I asked him what he wanted to bring.  “Chocolate chips & marshmallows.  Oh… and Gatorade of course.”  I was doing both teams that day so we made everything-to order- in bulk, and i’m here to share our soccer team snack printables with you today that we used to tie it all together.

soccer snack ideas and printables  When it comes to soccer snacks I usually go by the guideline of: one drink, one healthy snack (almost always fresh fruit), and one treat (because hey, maybe my kid isn’t the only one with snack on their mind while running around vaguely chasing the pack that is chasing the ball…?  And its quite possible that if you hand out bottled water and celery sticks that you will have a riot on your hands…)

soccer team snack fruit cups

So our “healthy option”:  fruit bowls.  I just filled plastic cups with strawberries & grapes and then put sarand wrap over the top. These ones with lids are more what I wanted to use but my stupid walmart didn’t have anything like it.  So I resorted to this.  Which worked alright. Lids would have been better.

soccer team snack ideasAnd our treat:  marshmallows & chocolate chips as requested.  I threw some pretzels in to give the illusion of not just pure sugar.  And you know, that whole salty & sweet combo thing is usually a safe bet.

soccer team drinks

And our drinks.  Gatorade is my currency when it comes to getting to soccer practices & games.  Oldest has finally stopped needing bribery, but for the first two years the promise of ice cold gatorade upon arrival at soccer practice was the only leverage I had.  And it worked.  So anyhow, that is always their choice for soccer team snacks.  I was rather proud of myself when I thought of the pun “goal-orade”.  Oldest thought it was hilarious.  Second looked at me funny like “why mess with perfection mom?”  I made some drink labels quickly in photoshop and we slapped them on.  These would be perfect for any soccer themed party, team party or team snacks.

soccer party drink labels

Then I threw all the items in a lunch sack and made some quick & easy labels with each players name on them and voila- soccer mom extraordinaire! (not me- you…just to clarify…)  soccer snack bags

Just print them off and write their names in, or add them with picmonkey or your editing program of choice 🙂

soccer party tags

Download these free printables below and you are all set for your end of season team party, for your turn to bring team snacks, or your soccer themed birthday party! What are your team snacks of choice?? What have you noticed are popular items among the kiddos? If you use these printables don’t forget to tag me #partylikeacherry so I can see all your fun ideas!

Fonts I used:

Jersey Letters

SF Sports Night

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  1. I love these snacks and the cute printables. Way to be the cool Mom that brings good snacks! We often get cookies so it’s nice to see something a little better.

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