Sonic the Hedgehog Party Decoration Hacks

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My son is into all things Sonic right now, so for his sixth birthday I styled an epic Sonic the Hedgehog bash. If you want to see all the details about the whole party head over to this post. In this post I will share everything about our decorations! Some fun hacks and tips to get you set up to transport your guests to the world of Sonic the Hedgehog! You’ll be able to throw this together with Sonic-like speed 😉 And if you want to check out my Sonic decorations in video form you can see that here!

Fun and easy Sonic party decoration hacks, tips and tricks!

DIY Sonic Gold Rings

I wanted the decorations to focus on the iconic gold Sonic rings so I set out to make my own. I ended up making one large ring and six smaller ones to use for our tablescape. I was able to get almost all of the materials from the dollar store, always a win in my book. The large ring is just a hula hoop that I spray painted gold. I hung it from our light fixture with fishing line so it looked like it was suspended in mid-air over the dining room table.

Make your own Sonic Gold rings with some items from the dollar store!

And for the smaller rings I used foam wreaths also from the dollar store (in the floral aisle). I spray painted them gold also and made little stands for them. I started by cutting a 2X4 into little blocks and drilling a hole into the bocks. I then stuck a wooden dowel into the hole and stuck the foam wreath on top. Voila, now I had standing wreaths. You can watch the video tutorial here.

This gold ring was made from a foam wreath from the dollar store!

Once I had my rings on the table I also added these little cardboard Sonic character cut outs with glue dots. On the table I put a total of 5 rings, with the big hula hoop hanging down in the middle and 2 smaller rings on each side. For two of the rings I left the wooden dowels full length, and of the other two I cut the dowels so that they would be shorter. My 2 spare rings I saved for use on the cake table.

Sonic the Hedgehog Tablescape

To set our Sonic table I started with a blue tablecloth like this one. I like to invest in real tablecloths that I can use again and again. I’ve been able to use this blue one for lots of themes like Harry Potter, Ninjago and Marvel. I wanted to continue with the golden ring theme so I used gold chargers (originally from our wedding) but you can also find them at the dollar store. I then used these Sonic paper plates (I liked the retro vibe of them) and napkins. And one of my favorite pieces of the table was our “Sonic Juice” which was of course BLUE Gatorade that I covered with some labels I made.

These drink labels are included in my Sonic Digital Party Bundle

I love how those drink labels turned out, even though I did blow through about 5 versions of them before I was satisfied. You can get these labels as party of my Sonic Digital Party Bundle. Just print them out and tape them onto any drink bottles (I recommend the blue gatorade). You can add to card with the button below.

Sonic Party Bundle
Includes: Invitation, cupcake toppers, happy birthday banner, sonic boom party game action strips, sonic juice drink labels and favor bag toppers. 12 pages of printables

Down the center of the table we had a bit of a junk food buffet. I also added some fruit so the kids had some options that offered a bit of nutritional value. But this is such a fun approach to party food. It’s so easy and makes a big impact. I just shop for the birthday kiddo’s favorite snacks and treats. Unpackage them all, and lay them out down the table. If you want to see some more examples of this you can check out this post. Don’t’ forget to save the packaging so you can put the leftovers back in after the party!

Sonic the Hedgehog Tablescape Ideas

I also had these sonic capes and masks hanging on the back of the chairs so the kids could choose what Sonic character they wanted to be for the party. And they made great favors for the kids to take home!

These Sonic capes and masks were so fun for the party and made for great favors.

Sonic Dessert Table

To finish off the decorations we had our dessert/cake table. I used a sonic balloon garland kit like this one from amazon along with a backdrop like this one to add some festive flair. You can check out my video tutorial of how I put the garland together here. And give me a follow on Instagram while you’re over there!

Here’s a view of the whole room and how it all came together

I started with a red tablecloth for the dessert table. And the focal point of our cake table was of course the amazing Sonic cake my mother in law made. Isn’t it incredible? It’s one of my favorites to date! I then added some foil fringe to the front of the tablecloth and the last 2 of my DIY rings went on either side of the cake.

Sonic the Hedgehog cake, isn’t he amazing??

Some of the leftover foil I sprinkled around the cake table too add some texture and hide the bases of the golden ring stands.

Sonic party printables to help make throwing your party a snap! Includes cupcake toppers, sonic party game printable, sonic juice labels
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The key to creating an unforgettable celebration lies in the details. With the help of these Sonic party decoration ideas and printables, you can transform any gathering into a high-speed, action-packed event that will have everyone racing with excitement!

sonic the hedgehog party decoration ideas and hacks
These awesome Sonic the Hedgehog party decor tricks will take your party to the next level!

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