Space Party Decorations

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We’ve covered invitations,  favors , food & games so now we are ready to tackle the decorations for your space party! Before I break it down for you, this video will give you an idea of the overall effect & set up we had in the dining room for our Space Party Decorations:

DIY Space Party Backdrop:

Have I mentioned how much I love dollar store tablecloths?! So versatile! I used them again for this party as the backdrops. I ended up needing about 15 to cover the whole room. At first I was just going to do the one wall where the dessert table was, but then I started picturing how it would look if I did the whole room… It took awhile but I think it was worth it. A pretty huge statement for only $20.  space party decoration ideas and printables

I made my own stencil just by cutting a star out of some cardstock. I suggest doing this on a day with NO  wind!! I laid out my tablecloths, I worked with three at a time because of the area I had available, I used rocks to hold down the corners and spray painted about 8-10 stars on each tablecloth. Before I started this process I hung one of the tablecloths in the room I was going to use them for to get an idea of how much I was going to have to trim off with scissors. I decided to go to where the baseboard started (otherwise they wouldn’t lay flat on the wall) so I ended up needing to trim a couple feet off of each tablecloth. I didn’t do this until they were all hung up and done, but I kept that in mind when I was spray painting and left the bottom few feet party backdrops from dollar store tablecloths

For the stars I used silver/metallic spray paint. I started with some sparkly silver but it ran out so fast! I have learned that lesson before with the glitter spray paint, so I should have known better. Plus in the end I liked how the metallic spray paint looked better anyway. I kept adding more cardstock to the stencil so it wouldn’t show the lines of where the paper ended when I spray painted. I think you will have the most success if you end up using 9 pieces of cardstock in a 3X3 grid with the actual star in the middle.  They act as a buffer for any fly away paint. Again , you will say a lot less swear words if  there is NO WIND! To actually hang the tablecloths to the walls I used sticky tac. And the static in the tablecloths actually did a pretty good job all by itself.

space party decoration ideas

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship

The next big undertaking was the rocket ship, because of course every space party needs one! This is a crossover between decorations and activities, but I’m sticking it here. Because it’s my blog. And I can do what I want.

how to make a rocket ship out of a refrigerator box

So if you don’t already have a source for all things cardboard, a local business is the best bet. All those big box stores already have systems in place and likely everything will be broken down and compacted before you can ever get your hands on it. Local businesses, however, may only do that once a week or so and you can stop by and help yourself to their disarray of cardboard lying in and all around their dumpster.  Try an appliance store. I was pretty unlucky in this case, actually, because right as I arrived the guys son (who he pays to deal with all the cardboard) was just finishing up breaking everything down. I did manage to snatch one refrigerator box that wasn’t totally destroyed and set home determined to make it work.

I cut one of the corners and laid the box out flat on my drive-way. Then I cut the triangles on each section and taped everything together. That sounds a lot simpler than it was, I used a long section of stray cardboard to draw lines and have things be more straight so they would meet up better.  And it took a whole roll of duct tape! Like A LOT of tape. I used an Xacto knife and I had to trim here and there to get it to line up in the end (I guess I should have measured things first!) When it was all taped together I cut a circular window and one side and a door on another side. Next I added the “fins” or whatever you call them? Just from stray cardboard. Once it was all assembled I spray painted it with the same silver metallic spray paint I used for the stars.  It took about 2 cans. All in all its safe to invest in about 5 cans of silver spray paint for this party.

space party decorations and free printables

The last step was to add details inside the rocket. I gave the kids markers and they were thrilled to draw all the little buttons and details on the inside. I also used velcro to hang an old computer keyboard and telephone. I figured the kids needed some buttons to press.

Space Party Decoration Ideas

use paper lanterns for planets
Hang silver paper lanterns for a planet space effect!

I hung these silver paper lanterns around the room to give us the effect of planets/meteors/space and who knows what else? They were perfect though. I suppose if you really want to go the extra mile you could paint different lanterns to look like different planets. I used my good old friends fishing line and 3M hooks to get the job done. I also have a story saved to my Instagram Highlights that shows some of my party hacks when hanging things like these. 

The pride and joy of the party for me was the printables I made featuring the birthday boy’s name:

space party personalized poster
Space Party NASA Poster

Instructions to Order Personalized Poster:

MASA?! I mean how cool is that?  If you are interested I can personalize a similar poster for your birthday boy or girl for $10. You will receive a 16X20 digital file that you can have printed where you would like. If interested just send me an email There’s also a generic version available as part of the Space Party Digital Bundle.

Space Party Digital Bundle
Space party digital bundle includes: favor bag toppers, happy birthday poster, jet pack labels, NASA poster, cupcake toppers and meteor bite cafe sign.

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space party poster free printable
NASA poster included in Space Party Digital Bundle.

This is sized at 16X20 and you have it printed at places like Staples or Kinkos. The Digital Bundle also includes cupcake toppers, jet pack labels, a happy birthday 8X10 sign and more!

Space Party Digital Bundle
Space party digital bundle includes: favor bag toppers, happy birthday poster, jet pack labels, NASA poster, cupcake toppers and meteor bite cafe sign.
Cupcake toppers included in Space Party Digital Bundle

Space Party Shopping List

Click here for a free space party invitation template free space party invitation templateand click here for free space party favor printables. space party favor ideas free printable for glow in the dark starsDon’t miss Space Party Activities & Space Party Food. (Follow me on facebook to be updated on all my latest posts).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! That way when someone else has the same question they can see it answered. Don’t forget to tag me in your party photos and use #partylikeacherry when you share your space party! Or you can submit photos from your space party to me at for a chance to be featured on my facebook page! I love when readers share their parties with me 🙂 🙂

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