Space Party Food Ideas & Printables

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It’s shameful how long its taken me to get all of the parts of Miles’ space party posted. I guess that is life with four little ones running amuck. If you missed them here’s what I have posted so far:

Now it’s time to tackle the food!

7 space party food ideas and free printable!

Main Course Space Party Food

I kept it pretty easy and only actually had to assemble one thing for our main course! I call that a win. We served:

  • Planet Pizza (i.e. regular pizza)

    birthday boy eating his space party food
    Birthday Boy Cutie is wearing this shirt.
  • Sun Chips
  • Capri Sun
  • Fruit Kabob Rockets <— this is the only thing that took some prep, pretty straight forward:

easy fruit kabob rockets

fruit kabob rocket ships

I figured we needed something healthy to balance everything else out 😉 I also came up with the idea, for which I was fairly proud, to call it the Meteor-Bite Cafe…..get it? Instead of Meteor-ite??? *pats self on back* We called it Miles’ Meteor-Bite Cafe, but I made a generic one you can download.

Space party food menu

And if you would like it personalized with your child’s name and with different food items, I am happy to do that for you for $5. Just email me 

Space Party Dessert Table

The dessert table was made up of:

Free Printable

space party food menu free printable

Again if you would like this personalized for $5 just email me  This is also included in my space party pack ($25) which includes personalized invitation, poster, jet pack labels and party favors.

You can download the generic version with the button below, please be sure to follow me on social media before you do that please! THANK YOU! I’d love to have you follow along as I DIY my way through all the parties! Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram

fun space party food ideas and free printable!

3 thoughts on “Space Party Food Ideas & Printables

  1. I think Saku would have loved this type of party a few years ago!! Your talent doesn’t surprise me but it is still impressive:)

    1. Is he too cool for this type of thing now? Cameron I think would still love something like this. Although I don’t know because he always chooses camping instead of a party. I guess that should tell me something. But he is always so excited whenever I throw a party for his brothers!

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