Last Minute St Patrick’s Day Idea

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So it’s not so much that I forgot about St Patrick’s day, more that I was just going to let it pass un-noticed.  You know, squished between Youngest’s circus birthday and Easter, something had to give!  But then the night before Oldest spent all evening making Leprechaun traps and conjuring up all kinds of Leprechaun scenarios.  He said he was bringing his trap to school the next day to set it up.  His trap was more of a box.. with a note asking the Leprechaun to come to our house, complete with a detailed map.  And I knew I was screwed.   Dang school!  Giving them all these ideas 😉  

st patrick's day idea
St Patrick’s Day Traditions

So once I dropped the kids off I ran to the dollar store.  Wouldn’t you know it there are moms out there that actually plan ahead and the St Patrick’s Day paraphernalia was extremely dwindled.  So I ran around the store grabbing green stuff and luckily they did have these glittery shamrocks left.  Came home and threw together a “note” from the Leprechaun and had it all set up in the dining room before he got home from school.

leprechaun note for st patricks day
Free printable Leprechaun note

On the way home from school I eagerly asked him, “so did you show the class your trap?  Did you  set it up?”  “oh… no… I forgot.”  (forgot?!  FORGOT?!  I spent half the day preparing for this!!!) Of course it was too late to un-do what I had done and when he got home and saw it all sitting there he lost his mind.  “Those Leprechauns are so sneaky mom, he climbed in my backpack and saw the map!” He was very enthusiastic about bringing the note to school the next day to prove to all his friends that Leprechauns are real.

st patricks day idea
Fun last minute idea to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

In the green the little tub that I got at the dollar store I put green skittles, green m&ms and green sour apple twizzlers, 3 water guns (for 3 boys) and the note.  It would have been fun to throw in some chocolate coins like these as well, if I had thought ahead!

As referenced in the note I also dyed the milk green (which they ran and checked as soon as they read the note). My oldest son spent the rest of the night making sure we knew who to thank (him of course) for leading the Leprechaun to our house.

Download the note using the button below, print (intended to be printed as a 5X7) on cardstock and stick it on some green construction paper- and voila!

By the way, I have some fun St Patricks Day tags in my shop that would be great to be left by the Leprechaun or mom, you can check those out below.

ha ha ha better luck next time tags
Better luck next time tags, also includes “I’m so lucky to have you” tags in listing below.
Attach these to some fun treats for your kiddos, or have them bring something for their teacher!
St. Patricks Day Tags
2 fun tags to help you make St Patricks Day special. One is a tag left behind from the Leprechaun "better luck next time". And one is a tag that can be used in so many ways "I'm so lucky to have you". Fill a little pot of gold with some festive treats and surprise your kids on St Patricks Day.

What are your St Patrick’s Day traditions? We love to make shamrock shakes, check those out here! 


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  1. Thank you so much for this idea and free printable note! I had no idea what we’re supposed to do when your child wants to leave a trap RIGHT before bed and I’m not prepared.

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