Summer Boredom Blaster Calendar!

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If you want the full Summer Fun Kit head over to Etsy now! If you’re here just for the one freebie, keep reading! Either way I’m here to help you get through the summer mama, we got this!

free summer boredom blaster schedule

Alright.  So summer…. it’s a rough one I’m not gonna lie.  Most of this stems from the fact that Sweet Hubby works 12 hour days, 7 days a week through the summer time.  In other words, I’m on my own.  All that magical summer amazing-ness that is supposed to happen… all those trips, family reunions, vacations… yup- its all up to me!  Let’s just say it leaves me a little overwhelmed.  And the truth is with 3 little ones we mostly stay home during the summer time and do our big vacations at other times during the year when work is not so busy for Daddy.

So how can I still make this summer magical?  I was stumped.  And being the OCD person that I am, I decided I just had to plan it all out.  And voila, the summer weekly boredom blaster calendar was born:

summer boredom blaster weekly calendar

When I first printed this out to photograph it Oldest saw it, and now that he is getting to be quite the good little reader his eyes just about popped out of his head!  WE ARE GOING TO DO THAT?? ALL SUMMER??  I had to tell him we probably wouldn’t make it happen every day but that we would try.  He seemed very satisfied with that answer.

summer boredom blaster weekly schedule free printable
clipart from BlackCats Media

He is quite the little budding scientist so he was particularly excited about Science Experiment Wednesdays.  My smart sister told me she did that with her kids one summer and it was the highlight of their week.  I believe they teamed up with like 3 families and one family would be in charge of the experiment each week (gather all the materials etc).  I think that’s pretty genius.  And what better way to show our kids that learning can be FUN?

The great news is I have this available for you to download for FREE (button at the bottom of the post)!  The even better news is that I have teamed up with 3 other amazingly talented bloggers to put together a summer fun kit that includes this calendar and SO MUCH MORE!! summer fun printable kit  I was also stressed about how to organize our days during the summer (and avoid the dreaded “I’m bored!”).  I wanted to balance fun, work, academics and personal sanity time.  So included in our Summer Fun Kit is a daily schedule with lots of different versions and options so you can customize it for your family and from day  to day:

summer daily schedule printable

I laminated ours (with my handy-dandy laminator, best $30 ever…or you know.. at least tied with something ;)) and then added velcro.  Included with our kit is lots of different strips that you can use and swap out from day to day.

summer daily schedule printable

summer daily schedule strips

This is the second of 2 pages of strips.  Print on cardstock, laminate, add velcro (these ended up being the PERFECT size), and your summer schedule craziness has been solved! The 2 schedules work perfectly together and you will be one put-together mama!

summer daily schedule, adjust it each day!

summer daily schedule photo4

summer schedules printables

You can read all about the kit and the amazing things it has to offer over here in this post. And be sure to stay tuned for other freebies from our kit being released throughout the week (cause they are gonna be awesome):

Freebie Schedule-

So if you are ready for your very own 40-something-page packet of summer awesome-ness that can be used year after year for parties, family reunions, road trips or just around the house.. follow the button below!

get my summer fun kit button

And so, without further adieu, your FREEBIE printable.  The freebie is sized at regular 8.5X11, but there is also an 8X10 option in our kit if you prefer to frame it 🙂  Happy Summer Friends!!

free summer weekly calendar printable


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