Thanksgiving Bingo Free Printable

Looking for a fun and easy Thanksgiving-themed game? Whether you’re hosting a large family gathering, a small and intimate dinner, or a classroom activity, this Thanksgiving Bingo printable game is the perfect addition to your holiday festivities! Get ready to embrace the spirit of gratitude and fun with your loved ones this Thanksgiving as we dive into this wonderful tradition that’s perfect for all ages.

Free printable Thanksgiving themed Bingo cards

I’ve made 5 different bingo cards for ya and I recommend printing them out on cardstock so you can reuse the cards. To make yourself a draw pile just cut up a few of the bingo cards. Keep in mind that each card has at least one image that is not on any other card, so make sure to include those!

thanksgiving bingo free printable game
Use candy corn to mark the spaces

For bingo markers I recommend using candy corn or candy corn pumpkins. And if they win a round of Bingo you could give them a turkey ticket to turn in for a prize! This would be a great station at a class Thanksgiving party. I have also included a partially blank Bingo card as it might be fun for your kiddos to create their own Bingo (but might be a little overwhelming for them to do it from scratch). Might be a fun challenge to see what pictures they could draw in those blank spaces.

5 different Thanksgiving Bingo printable game cards

If you are looking for some more Thanksgiving activities check out my Thanksgiving Mad Libs here.

Don’t forget to download our Thanksgiving Bingo Free Printables to make your holiday gathering even more special. You can download it with the form below.

Finish your own Bingo card!

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