Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards Printable

I’ve got a free printable for you today that would be perfect to add to your Thanksgiving tradition and table! These simple cards are great to print out and put at each place setting. They are super versatile, and I think a great reminder of what we are really celebrating on Thanksgiving. Let me know how you use them!

Thanksgiving cards free printable- reasons I'm grateful for you
Thanksgiving cards free printable- reasons I’m grateful for you

You can fill them out as the host and let all your family members and guests know why you’re thankful for them. Or you could leave them blank and add a name to each one. Then all the guests could take turns writing a reason they are grateful on everyone’s card. Then each guest will have a list made from all the other guests of why people are thankful for them!

I also think it would be a nice little surprise for your kiddos if you want to fill them out sometime during the month of November and leave it for them to find on their pillow after school or something like that. Or you could use them to fill out for your kids teachers! I’m sure they could use some positive encouragement right around this time of year. Or have your kids fill it out for their teachers. Or fill it out for your spouse. See so many options!

Gratitude cards, a meaningful Thanksgiving tradition!

I even created one that is 5 reasons and one that is 10, depending on just HOW thankful you’re feeling ;). The more we practice gratitude, the better we get at it. I think this would be a meaningful tradition to start with your family this Thanksgiving. And if you’re looking for some more fun Thanksgiving printables check out this post! You can download them with the form below-


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