Thanksgiving Mad Libs

I’ve got the kids table covered for you this Thanksgiving with this fun create your own story type Mad Libs! This is great for that middle age group, not the toddlers and not the teenagers (most likely). I’m talking your 6-12 year-olds. They can fill in the blanks on their own, or as a group, to create a fun Thanksgiving turkey tale.

Free printable for the kids thanksgiving table!

Just print out several of these and put out a bucket of pencils and crayons and you are good to go! Have the kids work on their stories and then share them with each other while your finalizing your Thanksgiving meal prep.

No prep Thanksgiving kids table activity!

Hm, they certainly look like their up to something nefarious. I think it involved a catapult and a farmer to save the Turkey for thanksgiving.

I’d love if you share your child’s creations with me! Just tag me on instagram @partylikeacherry. But keep in mind if you are a private account I may not see it. (you can always DM or email me!).

Just use the form at the bottom of the post to download this free printable!
free printable thanksgiving kids mad libs

I hope I made your Thanksgiving just a little bit easier and full of laughter for you and your family. And if you’re looking for more thanksgiving help you can check out our Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape and a free Gobble Gobble banner. And peruse my Thanksgiving pinterest board!


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