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My cute niece is turning 6 and can you believe SHE requested a Transformer party?  How cool is that?  Needless to say she gets along splendidly with my boys.   We were able to get more use out of the Rescue Bots Cupcake Toppers,  and this time I made some party favors to add to the Rescue Bot/Transfomer collection on the blog.

transformers party favor free printable

After over-hearing every episode of Rescue Bots several times i’m pretty well versed on the subject of transfomers.  So I got the idea of sending the kids home with “energon crystals”.  I really wanted to find rock candy, but had to make do with what I could find at walmart so I settled for ring pops.  (Plus there isn’t a kid I haven’t met that doesn’t love ring pops).

transfomer party favor free printable

I added a gem sticker to each favor (since I had them lying around) to represent the “energon crystal” (which is supposed to be blue by the way, like I said, well-versed).  Then stuck the ring pops in a snack sized ziploc bag and stapled them to the cards, which I printed on cardstock.  Voila.  I looked and Amazon does have blue rock candy, so if you plan ahead better than I did, I think this would be the perfect treat to attach with your favor cards.  It looks exactly like the energon crystal.  If you go this route I would punch holes in the cards & tie them to the rock candy sticks (since they are too big to fit in a ziploc).

transformers party favors side view

Turns out they stood up nicely, which is a bonus when it comes to displaying them all-pretty-like by the exit (for more on the flow of your party check out my post on party tips).

transformer party favors

So if you are ready to download your Transfomers party favor cards just click on the button below and all your dreams will come true (…er… or something…)

rescue bots party favor tags

Be sure to keep up with all my free party printables on pinterest.  With this crew of boys and their non-fading obsession with Rescue Bots I am sure there is more transformer themed stuff yet to come!

transformer party favors free printable


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    1. Luckily I knew the “material” really well and could come up with something! Now I just need to get my kids interested in the news and maybe i’ll learn something about current events as well!

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