‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Mad Libs

I have a fun Christmas party or class activity for you today! A Christmas mad-libs style twist on the classic Christmas poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. I have taken some liberties and omitted some lines (it’s a long poem) but I think this would be fun for the middle-aged kids to do as a Christmas activity. Take some time to read the original poem first, discuss some of the big or old fashioned words, and then let the kids write their own version! What do you think?

Fill in the blanks to put your own spin on this classic Christmas poem

I’m thinking this would be a perfect activity for 3rd-6th graders to do around Christmas time. You could have a mini lesson around the origin of the poem, reading through it as a class or group and then discussing some of the meanings of things that might be confusing (what’s a “courser”? It’s a swift horse by the way). Then the kids can set out to write their own version and maybe a few of them will want to share with the class at the end. You can download this for free with the form below:


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