Under the Sea Party Games

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Decor and food are fun, but it’s the party games that really set a party apart. If I have on theme and engaging activities I chalk it up as a win! Here are some simple once that we played at our Ocean- themed birthday party for our group of 5 & 6 year olds. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, a summer celebration, or just looking to add some aquatic flair to your gathering, we’ve got you covered. From thrilling treasure hunts to mesmerizing crafts, join us as we explore a sea of fun-filled ideas to make your under the sea party an unforgettable adventure for all ages!

Under the Sea Ocean party games and activities
Under the Sea Ocean party games and activities

DIY Oxygen Scuba Tanks

Before getting into the games we needed to get into character as deep sea scuba explorers! To do this I made each of our party guests a scuba oxygen tank out of soda bottles. We also had “goggles” (safety glasses) there for each of them. You can check out a quick video of how I made the oxygen tanks here- and give me a follow while you’re over there! Here’s a list of the supplies needed:

make your own oxygen scuba tanks out of soda bottles for your ocean party
Make your own oxygen scuba tanks out of soda bottles for your ocean party

And here is a step-by-step:

  • First you need to collect 2 liter soda bottles, you will need 2 of them for each scuba tank you want to make.
  • Next, remove all labels and wash out the bottles
  • Spray paint the 2 liter bottles sliver
  • Using black duct tape, tape the 2 bottles together towards the top, and again towards the bottom. This step is a little tricky, it helps to have another person helping you hold the bottles still while you get the tape started.
  • Next cut 2 slits in each bottle, one towards the top, and another towards the bottom
  • Then thread thick elastic through the slit in the top and pull it out the bottom slit (I used tweezers to help with this). Finally hot glue the elastic strap together and repeat for the other bottle.

And there you have it- oxygen tanks for each of your party guests!

Try this fun DIY for your under the sea party!

Create Your Own Sea Creature Craft

This was all the birthday boy’s idea and it turned out to be the perfect “welcome activity”. I think it’s nice to have something kids can start doing right away as they arrive, something that they can do at their own pace that is an individual thing, but something to get them engaged right away for that beginning awkward, shy phase. It’s also great to have them busy while you are waiting for all the late-comers to show up. As they finish they are usually much more warmed up to each other and they can free play until the party really starts. For this I just collected an array of craft supplies, made a few examples of things they could do with those crafts (jellyfish and shark), and told them to do what they wanted and to let their creativity go wild!

Easy and fun Ocean party craft ideas
Easy and fun Ocean party craft ideas- make a jelly fish out of a paper plate

I put out things like: paper plates, ribbon, googly eyes, pom poms, markers, foam stickers, construction paper, foam paper, scissors, glue, buttons, beads, Popsicle sticks etc. Just whatever I had in my craft stash! As is usually the case with crafting things- some kids got way into it while others hardly participated. That’s fine, just let the kids who are into it do their thing and don’t worry about the kids that just want to run around and play tag.

Save the Sea Creatures Relay Race

This is a fun, easy group party game. Start by dividing the kiddos into 2 teams. Supplies needed: kiddie pool, ocean creatures, shovel or scooper, shaving cream, & buckets. To set up you’ll fill the kiddie pool with water and add some sea creatures like this to it. You could stop there and leave it like that, but if you want to increase the difficulty level you will then spray a can of shaving cream over the water so the sea creatures are no longer visible.

4 Ocean Party Game Ideas- Save the sea creatures from pollution relay race
4 Ocean Party Game Ideas- Save the sea creatures from pollution relay race

You will explain to the kids that they will take turns running to the pool (have a clear starting line), scooping up a sea creature to save it from the pollution in the water, and bringing it back to dump in their teams bucket. The child that just went can then pass the scooper onto the next kid on their team and they will go. Whichever team has the most animals in their bucket at the end is the winner. For scoopers- I used these shovel type things I found at the dollar store. Of course keeping their googles and oxygen tanks on for the relay race also made it more of a challenge to complete!

Fill a kiddie pool up with water, sea creatures and shaving cream for a save the sea creatures party game.
Fill a kiddie pool up with water, sea creatures and shaving cream for a save the sea creatures party game.

Shark Tank Tag

Shark tag was a combination of freeze tag and capture the flag, with a little twist of our own. The Scuba Divers had to save the Sea Turtle (a stuffed animal) that had been captured by the sharks (birthday boy’s older brothers and cousins). If they got tagged by the shark they had to go to the Shark Tank (or jail) until rescued by another scuba diver. But if they could get the sea turtle and make it back across the lawn with it before a shark got them, they win!

Play this fun version of capture the flag (or save the sea turtle) for your under the sea party!
Play this fun version of capture the flag (or save the sea turtle) for your under the sea party!

Here I am explaining the rules to all our little scuba divers. If you look closely you can see the little stuffed sea turtle I am telling them they have to rescue from the sharks. You could have your sharks wearing something like this for added effect. The shark tank was repurposed from our cops and robbers party where we built it for our jail.

Shark Tank Tag- ocean party game
Shark Tank Tag- ocean party game

Excavate a Sea Creature

Here’s a no prep party activity for you! The kids had a blast breaking through to get the sea creatures out of these plaster shells. Just make sure you do this one outside- its a messy one! All you need is this kit and your game is ready to go. This is a great activity to do to wind down after shark tag and before heading inside for some cake and presents.

Excavate a sea creature for a no prep party game! (notice the rescued sea turtle there in the corner?)

I have a digital party pack to help you pull together your ocean party! It has 13 pages of printables including a banner, cupcake toppers, favor tags and more- you can add it to your cart with the button below:

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And if you’re looking for help with your ocean party decorations, check out this post.

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