Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Use this free printable Mad Libs for some silly fun on Valentine’s Day. The story of Cupid gets a real mix up when you let kids use their imagination to fill in the blanks. Great activity for any Valentine’s party or some classroom fun.

Free printable Valentine’s Day mad libs, great classroom activity!

This is a fun and easy win for Valentine’s Day! It would make a great “station” if you are rotating between different valentines activities. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and gives the kids an area to draw a picture that goes with their story. Before handing out the Mad Libs you may want to do a quick “lesson” on Cupid and his traditional role and qualities. You could show a few photos and explain how he got all mixed up in this thing we call Valentine’s Day. You may also want to review a few vocabulary words including: quiver (you know that thing that Cupid puts his arrows in). Once you add your Cupid “lesson” this is easily a 15 minute activity.

Free printable Valentine’s Day Mad Libs, let your kids put their own twist on the legend of Cupid

I had my son fill it out and help me troubleshoot a few spots, he decided Cupid would have the power to make people float instead of fall in love this year. He used his new found power to help us with a tree situation we have in our yard right now, love that kid. We really could use some of those magic arrows.

Free Printable mad libs for a some Valentine’s Day fun! Pin me

You can download this PDF with the form below, and if you’re looking for more fun Valentine’s Day games check out my free bingo sheets! Or you can head over to the Valentine’s category to browse all my Valentine’s printables.


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