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Our youngest turns 2 right around Easter this year so I took that as a perfect excuse to throw an Easter Bash! 2 birds, one stone! Easter Egg Hunt AND a Birthday Celebration. They don’t know what they want at 2 anyways. Oh wait, yes they do. He spends all day making that very clear. But I digress, I’ve got some fun Easter party ideas, decorations, food and of course FREE PRINTABLES!

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Let’s start with the invitation. I sized them at 4X6 to keep printing them cheap (I print them as photos at Walmart). And as usual I will provide a blank template for you, or you can have me personalize it for you ($7).

Instructions to Personalize this Invitation

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  • Download JPEG template (link at the bottom of this post) and save somewhere on your computer you can find it!
  • Open the JPEG in a photo editing program like PicMonkey, Canva or Iphoto. And add your text.
  • Save as new JPEG and upload to Walmart (or wherever you print your photos) and order as 4X6 photos.
  • Or email me at partylikeacherry@gmail.com with your party details and I would be happy to send you a personalized JPEG file ($7 payable via Paypal or Venmo).
  • If you need even more detailed instructions I have a tutorial saved to my Instagram Highlights.

Easter Party Decorations

Easter Party Decorations Ideas and Printables

Bunny Banner

I went to TOWN with my new cricut for this shindig. I thought I would use it quite a bit, but I have used it WAY more than I even anticipated. I ordered this pastel cardstock and then cut it into these bunny shapes from etsy. If you do this beware the bunny with one straight ear and one floppy ear, it made my banner all skiwampus until I figured out I should only string the straight ear and then it laid right. I added cotton balls for their tails, and cut “hudson” out with the cricut to add to the bunnies in the middle. Those cute stuffed carrots I found at in the Target dollar spot.

Balloon Garland

Believe it or not, this was my first balloon garland! I am not the biggest fan of balloons for some reason, but they look too much like Easter eggs to pass up for this occassion! I got this balloon kit on Amazon that made it pretty simple (not fast, but simple! haha). Its a balloon garland tape where you just pull the balloon through the hole to secure it in place. It worked really well, I had no issues pulling this together. The hardest part was hanging it up. I have it secured with some fishing line and 3M hooks (and one push pin). The balloon kit come with a balloon tier too, which ended up coming in handy because after a while my fingers really started to hurt. I’ll link to the actual balloons I bought down in my shopping list (it’s best to have at least two different sized balloons).

Dessert Table

Easter Party Decor with Cricut

On our dessert table we had some gorgeous cadbury egg cupcakes done by my talented Mother-in-Law, some raspberry lemonade (because those milk bottles make everything look cuter! Similar here), a fun printable (available at end of the post), pastel m&ms sorted by color (made my kids do that!), and some shimmer Easter grass in lieu of a tablecloth.

Easter Party Dessert Table

My kids always want to help with the party prep. Unfortunately they don’t want to do the things I really need help with like babysit their baby brother or clean up their toys. But they were ALL over the candy sorting for the jar.

For the full details and recipe for these delicious babies head over to Garnish & Glaze

Easter Brunch Menu

For our Easter Brunch we had a Waffle Bar with all the fixings. Links to all the recipes and printable food labels to go along with them can be found in this post. (That post is particularly about crepes, but I did all the same things we just put them on waffles this time).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas & Tips

After force feeding the children it was onto the highly anticipated Hunt! I put a little twist on the hunt this year by filling a little less than half of them with these bunny buck coupons. After the Hunt the kids could use them to “buy” things from my Bunny Prize Store. I think it made it a little more fun for the kids AND greatly reduced the sugar intake. Win-win!

Free printable bunny bucks to spice up your Easter Egg Hunt

I had three baskets set up filled with items worth a certain number of bunny bucks. We had a basket of items that cost $1 bunny buck, a basket of items that cost $2 and a basket of items that cost $3.

Bunny Bucks Prize Store

It got a little chaotic trying to help the kids “buy” things from the store so maybe next time I need to have that part more organized (maybe have them go by age group).

buying a color changing straw from the bunny bucks store.

I got everything for the prize store from the Easter section at Walmart, we had ice cream bubbles, scented playdough, scratch and sniff stickers, candy necklaces, slime, putty etc.

Shopping List

Not completely inclusive, but here’s a start to get you on your way of most of the main items I purchased for this event:

Free Printables

I LOVE providing free printables for you, it’s not a Party Like a Cherry without free printables. And I SO appreciate when you pin my images, tag me on social media, and follow along. That helps so much in my effort to create more and provide better resources for you! Thank you!

Wowza! That’s a lot of free printables. If you would like something tweaked or altered/customized for your event, shoot me an email- partylikeacherry@gmail.com. Most customizations I can do for between $5-$10.

And for EVEN more Easter ideas and printables head over to check out this post.

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