Camping Party Invitation

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We had my son’s big camping party last weekend and I have the invitation ready to share with you today! As always, I offer a blank JPG that you can download for free and edit yourself. OR, if you would like me to customize the invite for you for $7 you can email me at

free camping adventure party invitation template
The cool pencil in the above photo can be found here, they come in a 12 pack! The kids LOVED them.

Instructions to Edit this Camping Party Invitation Template:

  1. Please make sure you are following me on social media: Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest  — THANK YOU!
  2. Download JPG (link at bottom of post), save it somewhere you can find it! (The download will start automatically, if you can’t find it check your downloads folder)
  3. Open the JPG in a photo editing software (like canva, picmonkey, iphoto, photoshop, etc)
  4. Add text and save as new file
  5. Upload file to your place of choice to have it printed (the above invites I had printed at Walmart, 5X7 rounded corners on cardstock. You’ll want to pick the “upload your own design” option or “blank card” option depending on the site you are using)
  6. If you want a more detailed tutorial, I have one saved to my Instagram Highlights.
  7. Or skip all the hassle, email me at and for $7 I will customize it for your child’s party and send you the finished digital file.

camping party invitation free template

I always take the invitation very seriously (the irony of my taking party planning so seriously is not lost on me ;)). But everything starts with the invite! It’s where I decide color scheme, fonts, images etc that I then use throughout all the design elements of the party to tie it all together. I stewed over this one for a good week before finally deciding it was just right.

camping and adventure party invitation free template

This is sized at 5X7 and I recommend having them printed as photos (on cardstock preferably) for the intended results.

Keep you eyes out folks (on Instagram or Facebook), cause lots more camping party goodness and freebies are HEADED YOUR WAY!

The full party post is now available here!

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    1. Hi Sarah, I’m not sure where you are going a PDF, if you click on the “download here” button it will take you to a JPEG that you can download, I just double checked. Hope that helps!

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