PTA Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

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Are you helping with Teacher Appreciation Week? I’ve got ideas and printables to make your life easier! This fun travel themed was a huge hit with the teachers, and even though our budget was very small I think it all made them feel loved! And by the way I now have camping and a circus theme Teacher Appreciation Week up as well if you’re looking for more ideas.

host a fun travel themed Teacher Appreciation Week with these ideas and free printables. Head to the site now to print them out!
Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation Week ideas and printables. Pin Me!

This was my first time working with the PTA (actually we call it the PTG) on Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank goodness for my girl Tia over at Events to Celebrate. We LOVED her Plane Theme idea and copied a lot of her ideas and put our own twist on others. We did this on a school level, but of course this could be done as a classroom or as an individual as well! Have your child bring a little goody to their teacher each day staying with this fun theme!

Fun Teacher Appreciation theme idea and printables

I am working with several very talented ladies that have made this all come together! Group effort for sure (read- I do not want to take all the credit!!). But I did want to share what we came up with because, well, it’s pretty dang cute! We prepared 4 days worth of “deliveries” to the classrooms as follows:

Inflight Snack Service (Monday)

For these our PTG president purchased these white gift bags that she filled with fun goodies like Cheeze Its and Trail Mix. It would be fun to stick a bag of peanuts in there to stay with the Plane theme. They loaded them up on a cart from the cafeteria and made a stop at each classroom and announced the “PTG Flight Crew is here with your Inflight Snack Service”. The teachers might be a little confused (yet grateful) the first day but they’ll get the idea pretty quickly!

Inflight Snack Service, deliver a snack to each of the teachers classrooms!

Inflight Beverage Service (Tuesday)

Inflight Beverage Service, bring a soda cart around and let the teachers pick their favorite drink!

Our PTG president ordered these cute cups, we added the teachers names on there in vinyl, and loaded a cafeteria cart up with sodas. Then the “PTG flight crew” went around again, this time for their “inflight beverage service”. They got their cup and they got to pick a soda from the cart. We are working with a pretty small budget, but if possible it would also be fun to add a starbucks, dutch bro, or sodalicious gift card inside the cup!

Fun Teacher Appreciation ideas!

Inflight Entertainment (Wednesday)

Tomorrow the plan is to drop of popcorn and a redbox coupon to all our teachers. Again, if you have fewer teachers or a bigger budget it would be fun to include a gift card to the local movie theater.

Inflight entertainment, drop off movie tickets and some popcorn to each of the classrooms!

Inflight Meal Service (Thursday)

On Thursday the PTG is providing a lunch in the Staff Lounge for all the Teachers. It would be fun to decorate the eating area a little bit to give it the plane vibe and call it their inflight meal :). Print this out and stick it in an 8X10 frame to jazz the place up a bit.

free printable plane themed 8X10 teacher appreciation week print
Inflight Meal Service 8X10 print, included in the printable bundle
Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation Bundle
12 pages of printables to help you with your Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation week. Includes: baggage claim tags, inflight beverage service tags, inflight entertainment tags, inflight snack service tags and 5 8X10 prints,

Baggage Claim (Friday)

And of course you have to end your trip at baggage claim! Our PTG president cut all the lunch sacks to look like luggage (so cute). We’re going to fill them with treats and display them in a vintage suitcase in the staff lounge for them to “pick up”. It would be fun to add gift cards to a local donut shop, bakery or ice cream shop here to go along with a few fun candy bars.

baggage claim, cut paper bags to look like suitcases and fill them with treats!

Here’s a little peek at what the staff room looked like (got the banner idea from Events to Celebrate!):

Teacher Appreciation Week Staff Room Ideas
We put the baggage claim bags inside an old vintage suitcase, how fun!

Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Bundle

The printable bundle includes all the printables I’ve shown throughout my post and a couple more I’ve made since then. You can add it to cart with the button below.

I made the tags to accompany our deliveries each day. I think there are so many ways you could use these to show the teachers in your life a little love! This could be carried out at a whole school level, just a classroom level, or just your family doing this for your children’s teachers. So many possibilities! And be sure to head over to Events to Celebrate for all her amazing ideas and tips to go along with these printables!

baggage claim teacher appreciation printale tags
Baggage tags included in bundle
inflight beverage service teacher appreciation printable tags
inflight beverage service tags, included in bundle
inflight entertainment teacher appreciation printable tags
inflight entertainment tags, included in bundle
inflight meal service teacher appreciation 8X10 print
Inflight meal service 8X10 print, included in bundle
inflight snack service teacher appreciation printable tags
Inflight Snack Service, included in bundle
Let the Adventure Begin teacher appreciation printable 8X10 print
Let the Adventure Begin 8X10 print, included in bundle
Inflight Lunch Service teacher appreciation printable 8X10
I’ve had a few requests like this one that have also been added to the bundle.
If you have a request, let me know! I might be able to add it.
I’ve just added this to the bundle, by request. There is a more blank version available as well where you can add your own text in Canva or any photo editing program.
Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation Bundle
12 pages of printables to help you with your Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation week. Includes: baggage claim tags, inflight beverage service tags, inflight entertainment tags, inflight snack service tags and 5 8X10 prints,

Since this post we have done 2 more teacher appreciation weeks, you can see them here:

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