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Hey gang! I’m here to spill all the details from our Mandalorian Star Wars party we had a few weeks ago for my 8 year old son. He has been a HUGE fan since we watched season 1 when it first came out. We just finished watching the Book of Boba Fett right before his birthday too so it got us excited for all things Mando & Grogu again! As usual this post is supposed to take all the guess work out of party planning for you! I have free printables, games & activities, food and dessert ideas, decorations, shopping lists and more. I’ve got it all covered for you, if you hang on and read to the end you should be ALL SET for YOUR Mando bash, whether it’s a birthday party or just a fun watch party for Season 3!

Mandalorian Party tips, ideas, games, printables, decorations and more! This is the way to throw a Baby Yoda Star Wars party!

Mandalorian Party Invitations

We had fun with the Invitations and made little bundles with a personalized Mando t-shirt (more details to come on that) and these invitations:

Mandalorian Party Free Invitation Template

I have a free template you can use, or if you’d rather I personalize it for you, you can email me ($10 for a digital file). To personalize the free template you’ll download the file by clicking on the image below, open in a photo editing software or site (like canva), add your text and save as a new JPG file. Then you can have it printed wherever you’d like or just use it as a digital invitation.

Mandalorian Party Invitation template, edit yourself or email me and I can do it for you ($10)

DIY “This is the Way” T-Shirts

To go along with their invitation I also used my cricut to make these personalized This is the Way t-shirts for the kids to wear to the party:

DIY This is the Way Mandalorian T Shirts (email if interested in ordering)
This is the Way T Shirts back

It had their names on the back, and we rolled them up and tied them to the invitations to drop off at the kids houses.

Mandalorian Party Invitation Bundle

Mandalorian Party Decorations

Once invitations were out, I started work on the decor. My goal was to transform our dining room into something that felt a bit like a Tattooine marketplace. I got some GREAT ideas from someone I found on YouTube, you’ll have to check out her videos, they are GOLD: Shimmer Blast Mandalorian Videos. You’ll see I incorporated several of her ideas here! Thanks Shimmer Blast!

Mandalorian Party Decoration Ideas

To get the overall feel of the completed dining room check out this Instagram Reel. Now let’s break it down, step by step.

DIY Mandalorian Signet Flags

Easy DIY party decorations made from old curtains perfect for a Star Wars party

The main DIY I did for this party was the flags I made out of old curtains. If you want to see the video with the different steps of how I made these, check out this Instagram Post. (and give me a follow while you’re over there!).

Mandalorian DIY Signet Flag
  • I started with some old curtains I had been hoarding. But you could check thrift stores or even home improvement stores for paint drop cloths.
  • I cut the curtains long ways to make 2 strips out of each curtain
  • I used my cricut to cut 4 different symbols on iron on vinyl. I did 2 black ones and 2 orange ones. If you’re artistic you could paint these on yourself using acrylic paint and a template.
  • Next I used a knife and scissors to rough it all up. I especially did the edges, corners and along the bottom so it looked ripped and tattered (weathered is the technical term I learned from my sister).
  • Finally I used some watered down acrylic paint and a foam brush to accentuate all of the weathering.
Mandalorian Mudhorn Flag
Mandalorian Helmet DIY Party Decoration

Mandalorian Tablescape

For the table I used some shimmery silver wedding wrapping paper that looked like beskar as a table runner (did you know wrapping paper makes a great table runner? You can find it all kind of patterns, colors, widths and of course any length you want!). The centerpiece was Grogu/Baby Yoda (a doll my son had gotten for Christmas). I put him up on a little crate and covered it with some tan fabric. Then I used fishing line to tie his hand to my chandelier above the table so it looked like Grogu’s hand was raised. I also tied several gummy frogs to fishing line and hung them from the chandelier. Lastly, I hung a silver christmas tree ornament from the chandelier. I was trying to make it look like Grogu was using the force to levitate frogs (Like in Boba Fett) and the gear shift head from Mando’s ship like he does in Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda Party Centerpiece Idea

All along the center of the table I laid out a Grogu Charcuterie board of sorts, all kinds of Baby-Yoda approved foods. We had: cupcakes (with Mando cupcake toppers, free printable at the end of this post), blue cookies (chocolate dipped oreos), gummy worms, gummy frogs, chocolate frogs and eggs. Luckily it is near Easter time so eggs were easy to come by. I wish I could have only used green and blue eggs, but I didn’t want to buy that much candy and sort through them, hah! If you’ve seen Mandalorian and Boba Fett you should remember most of these food items that Grogu eats.

Baby Yoda’s favorite foods! Worms, eggs, blue cookies, frogs and cupcakes to make a
Mandalorian Charcuterie board

Here’s a close up of the cupcakes. The toppers I designed and then printed on Avery 2 1/2 inch round stickers. I then cut circles with my cricut that were a little smaller than 3 inch diameter. I stuck the stickers onto the cardstock circles with a toothpick in between to create the toppers. These cupcake toppers are part of my Mandalorian Party Bundle.

Printable Mandalorian party cupcake toppers! Pin me!

At each place setting we had Yoda plates, Yoda soda, a Mandalorian mask and a chocolate frog. I also kind of sprinkled gummy frogs around the table a bit like confetti. The Yoda plates I made just by taping yoda ears that I cut with my cricut onto lime green dessert plates.

DIY Yoda plates, all you need is cardstock and a lime green dessert plate

The Yoda Soda really did not turn out like I had imagined. I could not find green soda anywhere! And finally had to settle. If you can find some green soda like this I think it would be WAY cooler. But I do have the free printable for you so you can make better yoda soda 😉

Yoda Soda Printable, part of the Mandalorian Party Bundle

Mandalorian Party Dessert Table

The dessert table (I know, I know they don’t need any more sugar!) featured the cutest Baby Yoda cake you have ever seen. My mother-in-law is my source for all things cake, but she really outdid herself with this one. It’s my favorite one to date.

Mandalorian Party Dessert Table

I also made a “This is the Way” banner that hung over the cake. I made mine with black and silver/metallic (isn’t it cool?) cardstock and cut it out with my cricut. But I’ve also made a printable version for you that’s included in the party pack.

The cutest baby Yoda Grogu cake you’ve ever seen

In the corners I hung the baby yoda paper lanterns I saw floating around Pinterest. You just get regular lime green paper lanterns and add yoda ears to them with glue dots.

DIY Baby Yoda Paper Lanterns

Mandalorian Party Games & Activities

If you want a quick recap of (most) of our games and activities we did check out this Instagram Reel (and give me a follow while you’re over there, thanks!) But let me break them down for you, step by step.

Welcome Activity, Grogu in a Pod Craft

I usually start parties with some sort of creative activity. I find it works well to have something the kids can do at their own pace as children arrive at varying times. That way the kids that are prompt (or even early!) aren’t left feeling kind of awkward or bored. You have something they can get started with right away. I will admit that this particular activity was not a huge hit with big group of 8 year old boys we had. I did get a couple of them to do it, I thought more of them would be interested in having their own Grogu to take home, but I guess not.

Have something to keep hands busy when your guests first arrive

For our Grogu in the Pod craft I got the idea and all the templates over on Mom Brite, so head over there if you are wanting to do the same craft.

The kids came here to “suit up” like a Mandalorian and pick their weapon

Next, I had the kids head over and “suit up” like Mando. I had a mask for each of them, a weapon (they could pick between a light saber or a dark saber) and a little “belt” for them to hold their weapon. The swords and light sabers I got at the dollar store. And the masks, hey, those are from the dollar store too! The belts are some star wars fabric I cut in strips.

Mandalorian Signet Necklaces

Now that they were dressed like a Mandalorian I told them it was time to start earning their signet. I got this genius idea from Shimmer Blast. I handed them all a screw tied to a faux leather string. I explained that as they completed certain training tasks and challenges they would earn more pieces for their signet. There were also golden pieces they could earn for really excelling on a challenge (like being on the winning team). In the end, when assembled, the compilation of a screw, 8 32 hex nuts wing nuts and washers looks like a little droid.

Have the kids earn their own signet necklaces, piece by piece!

You can take some time to explain how Mandalorian earned his Mudhorn signet as you hand them out. Or even play that clip in the episode while you are tying them on everyone’s necks. The kids were very motivated to earn the different pieces.

Strike, Blaster, Block Light Saber Game

Once they were all dressed up like a Mandalorian it was time to learn how to wield the dark (or light) saber. If you’ve seen the Book of Boba Fett then you know a bit about how hard it is to wield the dark saber, and that the one who rightfully wins it in battle has the right to rule Mandalore.

Strike Blaster Block Mandalorian Party Game

We divided up into pairs and they played a version of rock, paper, scissors where strike beat blaster, blaster beat block and block beat strike. We switched pairs several times and then just let them do what they really wanted to do- just fight each other. I made a poster (and made a printable version that’s included in the party pack) and put it on a easel to show them the different combinations and I circled the winner in red. This game might be best for kids a little older (we had 4-9 year olds). It worked OK but mostly the kids just wanted to run and around and fight each other rather than something structured. If you think of a way to level-up this game let me know!

Practicing their light and dark saber moves!

Defeat the Sandworm Mandalorian Party Game

There’s an episode where Mando helps a town defeat a sandworm by getting explosives in his mouth. To simulate this we drew a sandworm on a poster and cut a hole where his mouth would be. The kids threw grenade water balloons through his mouth to defeat him. If they got one through they earned a gold piece for their signet!

Draw your own sandworm, but a hole out for the mouth and have them throw explosives (water balloons) through the hole to defeat him!

Here is our sandworm, the birthday boy actually drew most of it on his own with this tutorial and I just helped finish it up. We put strips of packing tape along the whole thing to “Water proof” it and then taped it to a piece of scrap plywood that we cut to the same size. I think this was probably the crowd favorite. It proved pretty hard to do, but we had SO many water balloons the kids each got like 10 chances. It was a chilly day though, so one mistake I made was sending the kids down there before I got there. I was going to have them pick up a balloon when it was their turn but by the time I got down there they all had balloons already and half of them were wet. So maybe make those instructions more clear upfront ;).

4 easy party games perfect for a Mandalorian or Star Wars party! Pin me

Save Grogu Relay Party Game

The last game we played before heading in for lunch was a relay where they had to save Grogu from the stormtroopers (balloons). The really bad news is I didn’t get hardly any photos. But here’s how we did it: I divided the kids into two teams. We had 2 Grogu dolls (luckily) that we put on in the center of our trampoline. I lined the two teams up on the other side of the yard from our trampoline. Each team got a nerf gun loaded with specialized nerf darts (I hot glued a little bit of sand paper to the of the darts so that they would make the balloons pop). Each team had to run across the yard, shoot a balloon until they got one to pop (sometimes it took more than one try), then climb onto the trampoline to retrieve Grogu, then run back and hand Grogu to the next person in line. Then the next person would go, but instead of taking Grogu they were leaving Grogu for the next teammate to save again.

Waiting in line for the relay with their game faces on

I had blown up a ton of white balloons (to represent storm troopers) and taped them to the poles on the outside of our trampoline. I did order some that actually had storm tropper faces on them, but those were a lot more expensive so mostly we just did plain white balloons. If you really want to be extra you could draw the faces on there.

This is the closest thing I have to a picture to show you how I had the balloons set up. It’s mostly of my son’s butt but you can kinda see the balloons in the background ;). I taped them to all the poles on the trampoline like that.

If you want to draw out the relay you could just change the number of balloons they have to shoot before they can get Grogu. I thought about make it 2 balloons, or 1 red one. It would be fun to put the red Darth Vader ones in harder to shoot places and make those worth more. I had each kid bring a nerf gun with them to the party which actually just made things much more confusing. I would just have 2 nerf guns ready to go and loaded with the right bullets to avoid confusion. I got one of these for my son to use as a birthday present and I wish I had just gotten 2 because it was perfect for the relay.

Mandalorian Party Favors

2 Mandalorian party favor ideas and free printable! Pin me!

I was pretty proud of these party favors. They got to take home their Mando masks, Light sabers (if they survived the party), shirts and signet necklaces. But as they left they also got a snack for Grogu, since every Mandalorian needs to have one on hand. And they earned a bar of beskar!

Awesome Mandalorian party favor: just put some of Grogu’s favorite foods in a bag and add this tag!

In the Grogu snacks were gummy frogs, eggs and some Mandalorian sugar candy packets I found in the Valentines section. The tags I made and I have as a FREE DOWNLOAD for ya, hurray! I printed them on Avery 2 1/2 inch round stickers but you can print them on regular paper or do whatever you want with them. Once I printed them on the stickers I stuck them on slightly larger green circles and punched holes in them and tied them to the favor bags.

Printable 8X10 “Take a Toad for the Road” sign, included in party pack
Mandalorian Party Bundle
17 pages of printables for your Mandalorian party including "This is the way banner", cupcake toppers, 8X10 prints and more, Grogu ear templates, party game instructions, favor tags and more.
Price: $5.99

Next to the Grogu snacks I displayed this note to “Take a Toad for the Road” haha, I gave myself a few pats on the back for that one. For the bars of beskar I ordered some wrapping paper that looked a lot like beskar to me, wrapped boxes of candy and then finished it off by adding the symbol of the empire with vinyl. What do you think?

DIY beskar bars with candy boxes and wrapping paper!

Beskar is very valuable and hard to come by, so I made sure the kids knew that was a great honor. These were sweet tart boxes, but think junior mint size boxes. The paper I used was the same paper I ended up using as a table runner for the table as well. It was so pretty and shiny! Next to the beskar bars I had another clever sign (ahem don’t mind me as I toot my own horn).

Mandalorian Party Shopping List

Mandalorian Party Printables Digital Bundle

I try to always leave you with some free printables to help make your life easier! And if you would like to purchase the entire Mandalorian party bundle for just a few dollars you will be well on your way to getting this party ready to go!

Price: $5.99
17 pages of printables for your Mandalorian party including "This is the way banner", cupcake toppers, 8X10 prints and more, Grogu ear templates, party game instructions, favor tags and more.
17 pages of printables are included in the digital party bundle! Add to cart below!
Price: $5.99
17 pages of printables for your Mandalorian party including "This is the way banner", cupcake toppers, 8X10 prints and more, Grogu ear templates, party game instructions, favor tags and more.
Strike Blaster Block Mandalorian Party game printable
Printable Mandalorian Cupcake Toppers, print on Avery 5294
Mudhorn Mandalorian Cupcake Toppers
Mandalorian Party Invitation Free Template
Suit up Mandalorian 8X10 print
Take a Toad for the Road 8X10 print
This is the Way We Party 8X10 print
Yoda Soda printable drink labels, pair with any green soda!
Printable This is the Way banner
this is the way mandalorian party favor printable tags
Use these “this is the way we party” favor tags to attach to a fun party favor as your guests leave! Included in the digital bundle.

Use the link below to download all of these printables. And if you’d like anything customized just shoot me an email

Mandalorian Party Bundle

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There you have it! May the force be with you 🙂

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