Mandalorian Party Decoration Ideas

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If you’re looking for the full Mandalorian Party post with everything you need to throw a Mandalorian party head over here. Otherwise, if you are just looking for some decoration inspo, you’re in the right spot! I’ll share all the details on the decor for our Mandalorian Star Wars party!

Great decorations ideas for any Star Wars themed party!

When it came to the decorations for our Mandalorian party, my goal was to transform our dining room into something that felt a bit like a Tatooine marketplace. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I tried my best! I got some GREAT ideas from someone I found on YouTube, you’ll have to check out her videos, they are GOLD: Shimmer Blast Mandalorian Videos. You’ll see I incorporated several of her ideas here! Thanks Shimmer Blast!

To get the overall feel of the completed dining room check out this Instagram Reel (and give me a follow while you’re there!) Now let’s break it down, step by step.

DIY Mandalorian Signet Flags

Turn old curtains into these fun Mudhorn Mandalorian Signet Flags

The main DIY I did for this party was the flags I made out of old curtains. If you want to see the video with the different steps of how I made these, check out this Instagram Post. But I’ll walk you through it here:

  • I started with some old curtains I had been hoarding. But you could check thrift stores or even home improvement stores for paint drop cloths or sheets.
  • I cut the curtains long ways to make 2 strips out of each curtain
  • I used my cricut to cut 4 different symbols on iron on vinyl. I did 2 black ones and 2 orange ones. If you’re artistic you could paint these on yourself using acrylic paint and a template. Draw an outline of the image and fill in with paint.
  • Next I used a knife and scissors to rough it all up. I especially did the edges, corners and along the bottom so it looked ripped and tattered (weathered is the technical term I learned from my sister).
  • Finally I used some watered down acrylic paint and a foam brush to accentuate all of the weathering. I mainly painted along the edges and then some random spots throughout. You can’t really go wrong here… the point is for it to look bad, haha.
Mandalorian symbol added to an old curtain for party decor
Mandalorian helmet flag decoration idea

Mandalorian Party Tablescape Ideas

For the table I used some shimmery silver wedding wrapping paper that looked like beskar as a table runner (did you know wrapping paper makes a great table runner? You can find it all kind of patterns, colors, widths and of course any length you want!). The centerpiece was Grogu/Baby Yoda (a doll my son had gotten for Christmas). I put him up on a little crate and covered it with some tan fabric. Then I used fishing line to tie is hand to my chandelier above the table so it looked like Grogu’s hand was raised (as if he was using the force). I also tied several gummy frogs to fishing line and hung them from the chandelier. Lastly, I hung a silver Christmas tree ornament from the chandelier. I was trying to make it look like Grogu was using the force to levitate frogs (Like in Boba Fett) and the gear shift head from Mando’s ship like he does in Mandalorian.

Mandalorian Party Tablescape Ideas

All along the center of the table I laid out a Grogu Charcuterie board of sorts, all kinds of Baby-Yoda approved foods. We had: cupcakes (with Mando cupcake toppers, free printable at the end of this post), blue cookies (chocolate dipped oreos), gummy worms, gummy frogs, chocolate frogs and eggs. Luckily it was near Easter time so eggs were easy to come by. I wish I could have only used green and blue eggs, but I didn’t want to buy that much candy and sort through them, hah! If you’ve seen Mandalorian and Boba Fett you should remember most of these food items that Grogu eats.

Baby Yoda’s favorite foods! Worms, eggs, blue cookies, frogs and cupcakes to make a
Mandalorian Charcuterie board

Here’s a close up of the cupcakes. The toppers I designed and then printed on Avery 2 1/2 inch round stickers. I then cut circles with my cricut that were a little smaller than 3 inch diameter. I stuck the stickers onto the cardstock circles with a toothpick in between to create the toppers. Do I need to make a video tutorial on how to DIY cupcake toppers?

Mandalorian Cupcake Toppers printable

The cupcake toppers are available as part of my Mandalorian Party Bundle.

At each place setting we had Yoda plates, Yoda soda, a Mandalorian mask and a chocolate frog. I also kind of sprinkled gummy frogs around the table a bit like confetti. The Yoda plates I made just by taping yoda ears that I cut with my cricut onto lime green dessert plates.

Star Wars party table settings: make yoda plates out of lime green dessert plates and cardstock!

The Yoda Soda really did not turn out like I had imagined. I could not find green soda anywhere! And finally had to settle. If you can find some green soda like this I think it would be WAY cooler. But I do have the printable for you so you can make better yoda soda. It is also available as part of the digital party bundle.

Mandalorian Party Bundle
17 pages of printables for your Mandalorian party including "This is the way banner", cupcake toppers, 8X10 prints and more, Grogu ear templates, party game instructions, favor tags and more.
Yoda Soda printable drink labels

Mandalorian Party Dessert Table

The dessert table (I know, I know they don’t need any more sugar!) featured the cutest Baby Yoda cake you have ever seen. My mother-in-law is my source for all things cake, but she really outdid herself with this one. It’s my favorite one to date.

Mandalorian Party Dessert Table

I also made a “This is the Way” banner that hung over the cake. I made mine with black and silver/metallic (isn’t it cool?) cardstock and cut it out with my cricut. But I’ve also made a printable version for you included in the party bundle.

Have you ever seen a cuter cake? Baby Yoda Grogu cake

In the corners I hung the baby yoda paper lanterns I saw floating around Pinterest. You just get regular lime green paper lanterns and add yoda ears to them with glue dots. I hung them with fishing line and used tacks to stick them to the ceiling.

DIY Baby Yoda Paper Lanterns

DIY Grogu Plate Decorations

Finally I made some more baby yoda plates (like on the table) but added eyes and hung them on the walls to fill up some empty space. I cut the ears and the eyes with my cricut and just glued them on.

Make your own Grogu faces with green dessert plates!

Printable Party Pack

17 pages of printables for your Mandalorian party!

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