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Ok friends, this is very exciting stuff around here. My “little” investigator of 8 years is getting baptized! I can’t believe I have an almost-8-year-old. I’ll admit I feel a huge burden and sense of anxiety as to whether I’ve done my part in preparing him for this event these last 8 years. Baptism is a big step, and not one to be taken lightly! I want him to be very clear on what he’s getting himself into, and prepared to keep the covenant he is making with his Heavenly Father.

I have to admit it makes my mommy soul burst with pride when I see how excited he is to get his first “quad”. “I want a whole quad mom, you know Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine Covenants AND the Special Stone one” (he can never remember Pearl of Great Price). “I don’t know, those quad’s are pretttty pricey…” I respond.  I ordered it a couple weeks ago, but I have to keep him in suspense, right? I don’t think many 8 year old boys in his class/school would be as satisfied to receive scriptures for their birthday. And I’m even more excited about the case I found for him! I got this one from Deseret, but just now found this very similar but cheaper one on amazon! Dang wish I had seen that, not positive the measurements line up for a quad though? I got the black scriptures to match the gray and black camo. But if I got the amazon one I would get the brown scriptures to match the brown and green camo. He is gonna FLIP when he sees it! Love this boy of mine.

Sorry mom talk over.  So I made a little 5X7 announement/invitation that we could send out to family and friends. I am sharing these today to help make your day special as well!  I ended up making two different versions and I am happy to personalize either one for you for $7. You can also download the blank template below if you want to edit it yourself.  If you would like to have me do it please send an email with the details and the photo to  Once you approve the invitation I will send you a PayPal link for payment and you will receive a digital 5X7 JPEG file to have printed. If you have a horizontal image I suggest option one below:

Have this baptism announcement and invitation personalized for just $5

You will also need some “dead space” on the photo similar to this so there is room for the text. If you have a vertical image, I suggest option two:

Free LDS baptism announcement template, or have it personalized for just $5

And I’ve made option 2 into a freebie template download available at the bottom of the post! Just download the JPEG, open it in a photo editing program like Photoshop, Canva or Picmonkey, add your text and photo, and have printed as a 5X7 (I prefer Costco).

If you are looking for more baptism ideas and free printables check out my post here, and also stay tuned because I have some ideas in the pipeline for this guy’s big day! Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram 

PS Have I mentioned how much it means to me when you take the time to follow me on social media? Your support helps me keep the freebies coming! THANK YOU!

free LDS baptism invitation template, just download and add text and photo

I have the full post about my son’s baptism up here —> baptism ideas & free printables

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