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For Second’s 6th birthday I wanted to keep it low-key after his no-holds-bar all-out drive-in movie party last year. I told him he could invite 5 friends and we threw up the bounce houses that someone had generously given us earlier that summer. BUT, I did want to make it a little more exciting than a regular play-date. And thus the ice cream truck idea was born:

ice cream party ideas and free printables, super easy way to make your party awesome!

So simple, almost no prep, and I didn’t even have to MAKE any thing! All store-bought baby. For me and my 4 month-old baby that sounded fabulous.

How to Make Your Own Ice Cream Truck

  1.  Head to the store and pick out a variety of ice creams/popsicles. I got 8 different kinds.
  2. Dump contents of each box into a numbered ziplock bag, for example I put all the ice cream sandwiches into a ziplock with the number 1 on it.
  3. Cut out the picture of the ice cream from the box and glue it onto a poster (aka your menu!) Use the printables (found at bottom of post). Put the picture of each ice cream next to the number it corresponds with. So I put the ice cream sandwich picture next to the number 1.
  4. Get some dry ice and coolers and throw all your numbered ziplock bags in there at the last possible moment.
  5. Put the coolers in the back of a pick up truck and recruit some 7 year-olds, or a grandpa, or whoever, to run your ice cream truck!
  6. Let kids come up to the truck and tell you what number they want, find the corresponding ziplock bag, and hand them their ice cream!

ice cream party ideas and free printables

This pose of 7 year-olds was delighted with all the power bestowed upon them. They even made a “closed” sign that they put up any time they wanted to go play on the bounce houses.

ice cream party fun idea, so easy and kids will love it!


ice cream truck menu how to

By the way this cute little easel pictured above is Melissa & Doug, you can get it here.

This sad little fella is being told he’s cut off after a few too many…

ordering from DIY ice cream truck

Not happy bob. Not happy. (name that movie)

ice cream party DIY ideas and free printables

Free Printables

I did reduce the size to about 80% when printing these for my poster. If you are making a banner leave them at full size.  And always tag that sucker with #partylikeacherry when you use my printables so I can see all your awesome ideas!!

free printable ice cream banner

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