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If you’re here, and your planning an LDS baptism, you just hit the mother load my friend πŸ˜‰ I am sharing all about my son’s baptism. And lucky for you, I spent a crazy-amount of time preparing for his baptism and you get to reap the benefits. You’re welcome! If you follow my stories, you’ve seen most of this already. He’s a first child, what can I say? Here we go: LDS baptism ideas & free printables!! You can now check out details from me second oldest’s baptism here. 

LDS baptism ideas, printables, traditions and more
Baptism Ideas and printables for church and home!

We did send out baptism announcements. You can see those here, there is a free template and I also offer my services to personalize it for you for $10.  (Just email me at I also offer the “Baptism Pack” for $25 which includes digital files of a personalized invitation, scripture hero poster & program. Email with details if interested.

Baptism Set-up Ideas

At the Church:

LDS baptism ideas on how to make the day extra special and free printables
I set up this scripture hero poster and this little table right in front of the Relief Society doors.

I set up a little table at the entrance of the Relief Society room, I wanted to dress it up without going overboard, which as you know is not my strong-suit. But my sweet husband kept reminding me that we needed to keep the focus on the ordinance, and of course he was right. But I couldn’t do NOTHING! So of course we had the programs, which I printed on CARDSTOCK (I think it makes all the difference).LDS baptism program idea

It looked better before I took out all the last names! Hah. I can create a similar program for you for $15 if you email me all the details for the program. There is a back side with the song lyrics as well.

Here is a close up of the poster we displayed at the entrance: Display poster of child's favorite scripture at LDS baptism

This is a 16X20 (which he now has hanging over his bed) that I had printed at Costco for $15.  If you have a similar photo with “dead space” I am happy to create a poster JPEG for you for $10, just email

I also tweaked his baptism invitation slightly, made it into an 8X10 and put it in a frame at the entrance:

sign to display at LDS baptism entrance
Baptism welcome sign

And on the table I put a book of mormon, you know just one of those cheap ones the missionaries hand out. In the back of the book of mormon my husband and I each wrote our testimonies. We also marked our favorite scriptures. I put highlighters and pens on the table along with a note asking people to do the same. He loves his special “baptism scriptures” with everyone’s notes in the back! I also took the book of mormon back to our home afterwards and asked all the family members who hadn’t already to write something. So now he has notes from grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins, and friends- its pretty cool!

LDS baptism ideas on how to make the day extra special and free printables
Baptism scriptures, a special baptism tradition

I have a link at the bottom where you can download that little sign, along with many other printables. LDS baptism ideas on how to make the day extra special and free printables

It was a nice thing to keep people busy while we were waiting for everyone to arrive too.

LDS baptism ideas and free printables
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Baptism Ideas

One excited and nervous little boy! We had a great baptism that included a talk from Grandma & Grandpa on baptism (puppets included) a musical number that my mom and I did, and a talk from other Grandma on the holy ghost (treasure box included). Luckily a dear friend took my baby and walked the halls with him so I could just sit and enjoy. (well other than the part where I played my violin, I hate doing that in front of people!!).

Afterwards we had refreshments at the church, we tried to keep it small & low key (not my strong-suit) to keep the emphasis on the ordinance.  But I still wanted to have a little something, it’s no small task to get dressed in your Sunday-best in the middle of a SATURDAY when you are 8 years old, so I wanted to reward all his little friends that came to support him.

soda float bar idea and free printables
Root Beer floats for a fun baptism treat

I just put out a regular dollar store white tablecloth, and used the streamers and a little tape to make it rainbow-esque. And we did soda floats! We splurged and got the good soda. But WAY too much of it. I think you can count on about 1 bottle for every 2 guests. soda float bar idea and free printables great for LDS baptism

Kinda funny to be talking about how many 6-packs to bring to a baptism πŸ˜‰

soda float bar idea and free printables great for LDS baptism
Root Beer floats make a fun baptism dessert

I enlisted my dad and brothers to do the scooping. I set the ice cream out on the counter right before the baptism so it would be easy to scoop, but it was little TOO easy to scoop. So I’m not sure. I think 20-30 minutes before you want to scoop it is ideal. (we used the huge tubs of vanilla ice cream. I got 4 and once again had way too much. We probably only needed 2 and we had the Relief Society room about 3/4 full).

soda float bar idea and free printables great for LDS baptism
We’re “soda” lighted to have you celebrate this day with us print

And what’s a party without a good pun?

soda float bar idea and free printables great for LDS baptism

I had to rope this sweet boy into having one! He had been strategizing all week about which flavors and combos he was going to try, but when it came to it he said “no thank you” ?!?! I made him have one b/c I knew how much he had wanted one before! Later I asked him what was up and he said “I was just feeling special and didn’t want one”. Seriously? Can I keep this kid? So we had a talk about what he was feeling was the spirit.

Afterwards we had a photoshoot with everyone. Unfortunately it was getting dark, which is something to consider when planning the time of your baptism! I had thought about that but we were forced into the time for several reasons.

LDS baptism ideas and free printables
matching ties- cool LDS baptism tradition
Matching ties baptism tradition idea

My husband had a really cool idea of getting matching ties for the two of them to wear. He said it could be their special ties and anytime something really big happens in Cameron’s life my husband plans to wear that tie (getting the priesthood, getting married etc). Then it will be something really cool for Cameron to keep once he passes. I guess my hubby has been thinking about death lately since his Grandpa passed. I ended up finding these ties on amazon- where else? Adult version(skinny tie, not the one pictured) Boys version 

And I did manage a picture with my not-so-little man!

LDS baptism ideas

Ideas to Celebrate the Baptism at Home

After the baptism we headed home with all our extended family for tacos (his favorite) and dessert. More sugar!

I went with the rainbow theme, decided to keep it classic. I was a little worried about making it too feminine, however, as rainbows can seem more girl-y. So with the printables I really tried to make those gender-neutral. (wow I guess I’m so PC all of a sudden?) I like to look for rainbows free printable great for baptisms, great to be 8, or birthday parties

It's great to be 8 free printable along with lot of other LDS baptism printables
It’s great to be 8 print

To make the rainbow I used streamers and sticky tac and then poms for the clouds.

LDS baptism decoration ideas, great for birthday parties or great to be 8
Great to be 8 decoration ideas

I wanted to make 8 shaped cookies and could NOT believe there is a baptism cookie cutter set!!! I was shocked! And no, my cookies don’t look nearly as good as the ones pictured on amazon. But man were they delicious. LDS baptism dessert idea with link to cookie cutters

8 year old birthday or baptism dessert idea, rainbow cupcakes in the shape of an 8

And my wonderful mother-in-law made the gorgeous cupcakes: 


LDS baptism dessert idea with link to cookie cutters

These would be super cute to bring TO the baptism, but I didn’t want to waste them on all those guys πŸ˜‰ So I kept them home and kept the store bought soda and ice cream for the big crowds.

Baptism Bonus Tip

By the way, a little bonus tip/idea: we got our jumpsuits the Sunday before so I could wash them. Also we were able to do a little photoshoot at home before we left for the baptism, this may or may not be possible in your ward. And my hubby opted to wear his temple clothes instead of a jumpsuit- can’t say I blame him!

LDS baptism ideas and free printables
Bring your jumpsuit home before baptism day so you can wash it and get some photos at home!

Baptism Shopping List

  • Sicky tac    <— I use this for every party!
  • poms
  • streamers in rainbow colors
  • tablecloth
  • cookie cutters
  • matching ties
  • Soda (about one 6-pack for every 10 people).
  • Ice Cream (about one gallon for every 15 people)
  • Cups
  • Spoons <— these ones with the long handles are great for floats

Baptism Printables

I’ve included a couple printables for free, and you can access them by clicking below. And then if you want to purchase the entire matching bundle you can do that as well! It includes over 15 pages of printables, that coordinate together.

Baptism Rainbow Printable Pack
Includes: cupcake toppers, banner, and six 8X10 prints, as well as scripture marking sign.

Most are sized at 8X10 and I recommend having them printed as photos for best results. I love creating and sharing things with you guys!

number 8 cupcake toppers in blue (purple included as well). Designed to be printed on
Avery 2 1/2inch sticker labels
It’s Great to be 8 banner included in digital bundle

Baptism Resources Round Up:

LDS baptism ideas and free printables including links, decorations, food and more
LDS Baptism Ideas and printables

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