6 Best Party Themes for Boys

When it comes to throwing parties for boys, I dare say I am an expert. I’ve been blogging about parties since 2015 and I have 4 boys! We’ve done a lot of boy parties! Today I wanted to round up my top 6 favorite ones we’ve ever done. You are sure to find some good inspiration for your little guy’s big celebration. Be sure to click through to the full party posts, because that is where you will get all the details, free printables, decoration ideas, games, and even shopping lists!

6 Awesome party themes for boys, pin me!

Marvel Superhero Party

I can’t believe it took us so long to finally have a superhero party, but we finally did it! My kids are into all things Marvel these days so we made it Marvel-specific. We had a Hulk cake, we made Captain America shields, we shot webs like Spiderman. It was the perfect boy bash. Head over to the full post for all the party details. I have a shopping list, free printables and the details on all the games and decorations. (By the way, any party where the boys get to dress up has always been a big hit for us!)

A superhero party is always a huge hit for boys!

Science Party

A little less traditional than the superhero party, our Science bash was a unique and super fun way to celebrate a birthday. We made (and watched) Flubber, we had a science lesson about elements, and every guest got their own labcoat! I think my favorite part, though, was the molecule cake pops centerpiece. I was so proud of those! Check out this post for all the details so you can throw your own nerdy bash!

A science party is such a fun theme for a boy party, make something that explodes and you’ll be a hero!

Star Wars Party

With Mandalorian and Boba Fett coming out on Disney+, a whole new generation of Star Wars crazed boys is being raised. Star Wars is such a fun and flexible theme. Since there are so many different movie and tv series you can pick what to focus on and have an out-of-this-world party! For ours, we focused on Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The kids had to sharpen their dark saber skills, save Grogu, defeat the storm troopers, and of course feast on a bunch of Baby Yoda’s favorite foods! But I think my favorite part was the signets they earned for completing different Mando missions. For all the decoration and game ideas check out the full party post.

A Star Wars part is a classic and definitely a crowd pleaser!

Knights & Dragons Medieval Party

Shields, swords, castles, fire-breathing dragons. Yup, gangs all here for a recipe for boy success! We had to fight the ferocious dragons through a series of obstacles, defeat the ultimate pinata dragon, decorate and design our own shields, hatch our own dragons and more! Check out the full party post where I even show you how I made a full size castle out of cardboard boxes (oh and there’s a ton of ideas, free printables and a shopping list too).

A Medieval party is so much fun for boys, give them a sword and a shield and they’ll be busy for hours.

Army Camo Party

Another classic, my boys loved playing soldier at our Army Party. We had this for our older son and they had an epic airsoft battle. We had a camo themed charcuterie table, jungle leaves, a camo inspired balloon garland and a tank cake! Oh, and of course everyone had to have their own personalized dog tags! We ended by feasting on MREs, obvs. Check out all the details here.

A Jungle Army party is such a fun one to do with boys, and so many ways to keep them active!

Ocean Party

Ok hear me out, I know that girls often get the ocean parties with the mermaids and the dolphins and all things shimmery. But there are some awesome things in the ocean. Like sharks, and jelly fish, and whales. The ocean can be pretty manly too 😉 And then the super easy way I used streamers to create seaweed on my walls has gone absolutely viral on Pinterest. So there’s that too. We rescued the sea animals from the polluted waters, adopted a sea creature, played a few rousing rounds of shark tag, and had one awesome ocean cake. Check out all the details here.

Ocean parties can be manly too 😉

Ok, I think i’ll have to do a part 2 because I didn’t even get to our Ancient Egypt, Harry Potter, Drive in Movie or camping parties! I hope this gives you some inspo as your plan a special day for your little guy. Follow along on Instagram for more party ideas.

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